Week of 01/09/22 - 01/15/22
Still Surprised

There are times when I think that I am over surprises. For instance, with the new omicron variant raging and new information coming out about how to take care of each other...I have had about enough COVID-related surprises, thank you very much. (Note: that doesn't mean I am throwing all caution to the wind. I can be done and yet do things that help others.) Still, I find the Spirit surprising me in ways I don't expect. Yep, even when you go to 4 years of seminary and learn a lot about the faith, sometimes way more than what people want to hear about, the Spirit is still surprising. It's a reminder that God isn't confined to our notions of what is supposed to happen, where God will show up, and how God will operate. In fact, often it's opposite to what we think/want. So we keep an eye out for where God will show up next in the Spirit. In surprisingly ordinary places is my favorite. Bring on the surprises this week! God's grace, love, and presence are with you and will carry you through. Have a good weekend!
Digital Sunday School is Back!

Ready for you whenever you have ~10 minutes free to connect together. Use it on Sunday morning while Sunday School is on break! Use it mid-week! Use it on a car trip to and from school/an activity!

Start by viewing the Sunday School video together on Youtube:

Another Activity (or two) to keep that connection rolling!:

Seeing Jesus: Go for a walk together around your neighborhood or a favorite place. Look really closely at everything around you. Where do you see Jesus? By asking the question and thinking about it we sharpen our skills to see Jesus in the ordinary!

Make the Ordinary...Extraordinary!: Think of an everyday thing that you do as a family. What is a way you can make it extraordinary this week? Carpool karaoke with the windows down! Dinner with funny hats or fancy wear! Eat a meal "backward" starting with dessert!

I wonder...do you like surprises?

Next Sunday: Sunday School is planning to resume in February! Join us for worship, Children's Church at 11:00, and continue to utilize digital Sunday School!
Junior High And High School

Recharge is on pause and planning to resume in February! Here is an easy way to connect with Scripture and with those around you:

Read/listen to the passage once
-What word or phrase stood out to you?

Read/listen to the passage again
-What is God trying to tell us through this passage?

Read/listen to the passage one last time
-Pray for what still lingers in your heart after this time, or the Lord's Prayer, or any prayer that is meaningful to you.
Upcoming Events

January 16th- Worship at 8:30 and 11:00 am. Worship and Family Sunday School video comes out. (Everyone)

January 23rd- Worship at 8:30 and 11:00 am. Worship and Family Sunday School video comes out. (Everyone)

January 30th- Worship at 8:30 and 11:00 am. Worship and Family Sunday School video comes out. (Everyone)