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12/24/2020-Christmas Eve-OFFICE CLOSED
12/25/2020-Christmas Day-OFFICE CLOSED
01/01/2021-New Year's Day-OFFICE CLOSED
01/18/2020-Martin Luther King Day-OFFICE CLOSED
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-New Meeting schedule as of 11/15/2020
-Is offering mental health awareness trainings that will support caregivers & their families. Every training you attend enters you in a raffle for a chance to win a $100.00 gift card. For more information click HERE
-Is in need of used vehicle donations!
-Back in full swing!
-If you know someone between the ages of 16-26 years old with a mental health need/diagnosis, please feel free to contact Jenna Parmer at 706-716-0194 or
-Minor Home Repairs or Handicap Ramp Build
-CareSource has teamed up with the University of Georgia SNAP-Ed program to provide you with two online learning programs that will empower you to live healthier.
-Has openings available for children ages 3 &4. Please call Amber Byrd or Rita Pruett at 706-265-2980
-Now Hiring. For more information click HERE
-December Calendar of Activities
-Information needed for clients who are wanting to apply for or check the status of their benefits
-Weekly food DELIVERY now available to shut-in residents of Dawson County! Contact  Christ Fellowship Church at 706-265-5564 for more information
-You may be eligible for FREE healthcare
Goodwill Career Center
-December Calendar
-Heating assistance information
-Rape Response is seeking a licensed therapist (LCSW, LPC or LMFT) to provide quality, comprehensive therapeutic services to victims/survivors of sexual abuse/assault (ages 13 & older) and their loved ones; and to develop the Rape Response counseling program to include/supervise master's level counseling interns.
-Do you know of a child in need of a bed?

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Staying Sober During the Holidays
"It's the most wonderful time of the year!" The end of 2020 means the holidays are upon us - a time of family, food, gift-giving, and spiritual renewal. Many reflect on the year they have had and look forward to the new year ahead. For some, especially those in recovery, the holidays can bring about anxiety and potential triggers that could compromise sobriety. But steps can be taken to make sure that these next few months are not negative to recovery, but enjoyable. Here are a few things those in recovery can do to successfully navigate the holidays.
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~Highlighted Agency~
Using Mindfulness to Get Through the Holidays!
  1. Start by settling your mind and body by taking a few deep breathsMindfulness practice is an opportunity to build an ability to observe without our normal reactive spirals. For a few moments, we take a break from escalating our holiday stress.
  2. Check in. Notice whatever is going on for you right now, and then come back to the breath. Whether you feel stressed, relaxed, or anything else, for a moment, let it all be. Without judgment or expectation, just notice it all, and come back to the next breath.
  3. Now, picture the next few weeks. Take a moment to notice what comes to mind when you picture the holiday season. How does your body feel: is it tight, or restless, or even nauseated, or exhausted? Notice that, and let it be, and then come back to the breath.
  4.  Label emotions. What emotions arise? Maybe there is some mix of excitement and joy and dread and tiredness. Where do your thoughts go? Perhaps there's a conflicting swirl of pictures of what might be, stress over what seems possible, or ruminative planning over presents.
  5. Relax into the breath. Right now, there's nothing to do, no one to be, nowhere to go. In this moment, sitting, this is all there is. Some other time might be for acting or thinking. Right now, take care of anything emergent, but otherwise let go of fixing and moving, and focus on the next breath again.
  6. Shift your attention to someone you care about. Now take a few moments to focus on your friends and family. Picture them, and wish them well,  wherever they are: peace, or health, or safety.
  7. Now focus on yourself. This is a time of stress, perhaps. Wish yourself whatever you did for your family: ease, or peace, or happiness. Take a moment to be grateful for whatever comes to mind.
  8. Practice, as best as you're able, letting go. That picture of the meal, or that snub, or a storm derailing your plan-they're all just thoughts. Notice craving and the hungry ghost who always wants more. Don't wrestle with it, and don't engage with it quite as much. Note: thought, and then come back to... Breathing in, and breathing out.
Allow the holidays to happen. Take care to do whatever keeps you grounded, like sleep and exercise. Enjoy it, plan what needs planning, and let go of the rest. Focus instead on whatever you value and find most sustaining this time of year.
Happy Holidays!
Resiliency toolkit video

NxTG is an innovative after-school teen program for youth ages 11-17. NxTG provides emotional and educational support so youth can successfully navigate their world. Our prevention clubhouse has served over 350+ youth since 2013! NxTG provides a wide range of diverse experiences for its Clubhouse members...from meditation to STEaM to cutting edge technology and empowers youth to be successful at home, in school and in their community.
Dawson County Senior Services Holiday Meal Program is underway.  The yearly flyer is available below if you would like to participate in donating to the Dawson County Senior Center Meals on Wheels Program this year.  All money that raised will go to sponsor senior clients in need this holiday season.  Dawson County Senior Center currently serve close to 100 clients in their home each day.  Thank you!
Wishing you and your family a safe and Happy Holiday Season.
Dawn Johnson, Director
Dawson County Senior Services
201 Recreation Road
Dawsonville, GA  30534
(706) 344-3700

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~Other News~
As the holiday season approaches, celebrations, traditions, and gatherings with family and friends may look different this year due to the COVID-19 Pandemic. For many, this may mean learning new ways of celebrating the upcoming holidays with loved ones from afar (e.g. virtual celebrations). While the holiday season can create a number of stressors, the uncertainty and challenges created by the pandemic can increase feelings of worry, stress, loneliness, grief, loss, and concern. Knowing how to care for your family and yourself and talk to your children can enable your family to make changes to allow for successful functioning during this difficult time. The NCTSN has resources to help children, youth, and families, build family resilience, adapt to changes, and cope with challenges this upcoming holiday season.
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