October 09, 2020
Family Enterprise Entertainment
Dear Family Enterprise Community,

In this week's Family Enterprise Entertainment, we will be featuring books and a movie that center around psychology and how the dynamic of a family influences the businesses.   

  • The Eight Concepts of Bowen Theory: In this book, Dr. Gilbert breaks down Bowen's Family System Theory (FST) in 8 core concepts, ranging from, nuclear family emotional process to multigenerational transmission process. 

  • Rain Man (1988): After learning about his estranged father's death, Charlie Babbitt (Tom Cruise), finds out that he not only has a brother named Raymond (Dustin Hoffman) who has special needs, but the entire family fortune has been willed to Raymond. What starts as a plan to get the fortune turns into a heartwarming story centered around family trust and acceptance. 

  • Family Business on the Couch: A Psychological Perspective: Family Enterprises not only face the generic issues that all businesses face, but in addition they have the added emotional issues that come with working with one's family. This book offers guidance by looking at family businesses through a psychodynamic lens.  
Thank you to the alumni who’ve already sent us your favorites.

If you have any recommendations of your favorite movies, series, or books, please send them to: familyenterprise@gsb.columbia.edu
Stay safe. Stay healthy. Stay tuned …

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