September  2018
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Family Expo Success This Past Saturday!
Watch video: Hundreds of family-friendly resources - and fun, free, all-day activities - all in one place

There were after-school programs to keep children safe, engaged and learning after the last bell rings; enrichment programs that immerse them in the arts, robotics, filmmaking and coding; and sports programs that encourage them to stay focused and fit. You could find them all at The Children's Trust Family Expo!

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Are you a Burned Out Parent?
Put yourself first to make everyone happy
Written by Katelin Walling

Your kids left their shoes in the middle of the hallway and your first reaction is to lose your cool and yell at them. You're pulling away from your partner because you feel like they aren't doing their fair share of household chores. Your mental, physical and emotional health is crumbling because you always feel stressed out.If any of this sounds familiar to you, you're not alone. Parental burnout - the result of prolonged, consistent and intense parenting stress - has become increasingly common. A recent survey of more than 2,000 parents found they can experience burnout at home just as professionals do at work. And many of those surveyed suffered from similar symptoms: feeling fatigued, less productive and competent, and emotionally withdrawn - qualities that mirror professional burnout - at least once a week. Less widespread, however, is the antidote: "me time."  Read More

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Answer 4 Questions, Be a Better Parent
Written by Beryl Meyer

Take our quick quiz to discover your parenting style and how your answers can help your approach. 

1. Lately, your little one's bedtime routine has hit a roadblock. To get them back on track, you:
A. Rock them on your lap, rub their back and sing softly to them until they fall asleep.
B. Give them a pacifier, reposition their blanket and sneak out of the room.
C. Basically give up and bring them into your bed.
D. Sleepily tell your spouse that it's their turn to get up.

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To find programs and services for children and families_ please visit 2-1-1 Funded by The Children_s Trust. Do you have parenting questions_ Dial 211 24 hours a day_ 7 days a week. Operated in English_ Spanish and Creole.
Scowling little boy.
Bad Company
When kids choose the wrong friends
Written by Jeanne Muchnick

What do you do when your son or daughter makes friends with someone you think is a bad influence? According to Barbara Polland, a professor of child development at California State University at Northridge, it's almost inevitable that, somewhere down the line, your child will test the waters and befriend someone who doesn't have the same values as you do.

"Children in the 8 to 12-year range are trying to become more independent and may be attracted to a 'bad' best friend as they take the first steps toward breaking away," she says. Children who are "followers" by nature are more at risk because they're more apt to listen to their friend than question why someone might be doing something inappropriate.

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