St. Odilia Family Faithlinks

Dear Parents,
As we journey through this season of Lent, let us open our minds and hearts to the transforming power of God’s presence and grace.

In this video, Fr. Mike reminds us that God cares about us so much he is willing to notice our sacrifices—no matter how meager they may seem—and he wants us to use those sacrifices to draw closer to him.

We celebrate the feast of St. Patrick on March 17.

First Grade
Our Sunday morning class will meet next on March 24.
Second Grade
Chapter 1 Belonging to the Church

Chapter 2 Gathering to Celebrate

Third Grade
Chapter 14 Live in the Light

Fourth Grade

Chapter 14 Respect Life

Fifth Grade
Chapter 14 New Life in Christ

Our next Family Faith gathering will be April 10. We will gather in the church at 6:30 and Pray the Stations of the Cross. The children will leave the church with their catechists after the Stations and there will be a speaker for parents in the church

Brenda McLennan.