Happy Easter! 

Dear Parents,
I hope you and your family have had a great experience this year in our Family Faith program! 
As Director of Youth Formation at St. Odilia, I have enjoyed serving this vibrant parish. It has been a pleasure to work together with our Youth Formation Team and countless dedicated parishioners to provide the excellent programs we offer for our  young   people. 
Leading the Youth Formation programs at St. Odilia has been a challenge that I have looked forward to meeting each and every day over the last six years, but at this point in my life, I feel it is time to work a little less and play a little more. With that in mind,  I have made the decision to leave my full-time position as director to spend more time with my family, especially over the summer. 
I hope to stay involved in Faith Formation next fall on a part- time basis and that could include working in the area of Family Faith. 
The parish is always looking for new and creative ways to provide opportunities for adults and youth to grow in their faith. Fr. Rask, Fr. Daly, and the Faith Formation Ministry Area Council are currently working to discern the needs of the parish and how best to meet them.
I plan to be in the office until early June, as we prepare to celebrate the sacraments of Holy Eucharist and Confirmation at St. Odilia.
It has been such a blessing working with you and your children this year.
Thanks for all you do to help your children grow in their faith! 
                                                 Brenda McLennan

There are seven Sundays in the Easter season. The whole fifty-day period concludes with Pentecost Sunday.

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Links to Session Guides for this week's home lessons:

Kindergarten                  We Celebrate Jesus Gift of Himself

Grade 1 Chapter 17        Holy Signs

Grade 2 Chapter 6          Living As the Body of Christ         
*Important notes about First Communion are in this link!     
Grade 3 Chapter 18         Sacraments of Service  
Grade 4 Chapter 17         The Seven Sacraments
The Seven Sacraments

 Grade 5 Chapter 18        The Liturgy of the Word