Chapter 16   God Gives Us Jesus
God showed his love for us by giving us the greatest gift he had-his Son, Jesus. Randy and Bear Lee talk about the fact that God sent Jesus to us as a baby. 

Watch this video with your child.


Grade 1 
Chapter 11    The Church's Guide

Video on   
Born Into the Kingdom
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Grade 2
You will receive the Eucharist book for your child at the meeting for parents on February 20 at 6:30 in the church. Your second grade should attend that night as well. 

The assignment this week is to watch this 5 minute video together and take a 3 question online quiz.  It will help you get ready for First Communion.
Sadlier's Believe, Celebrate, Live Eucharist Video
Sadlier's Believe, Celebrate, Live Eucharist Video

3 question quiz to complete after the video. Your answers will be sent to St. Odilia!

Grade 3
Chapter 11    One and Holy
Chapter 11 Home Session Plan 

Watch this video together and ask your child to take this short online quiz.

Pentecost HD
Pentecost HD

Grade 4
Chapter 11 Models of Virtue
This chapter's focus is on vocations.

Here are some resources to help parents plant the seeds of religious vocation and to understand how to support their child if he or she feels called.

Grade 5
Chapter 11  The Teaching Church
After learning about the word  
Magisterium on page 168, watch this 
video with your child to learn more. It does a very good job explaining it. You will learn something too!
Say : The Magisterium has a big responsibility to the Church and her people. But this responsibility is also a gift. We learn so much from the Pope and bishops, who are guided in their teaching by the Holy Spirit.
Here is a good three minute explanation-

After reading about Pope John Paul II with your child on page 171,  explain  that Pope Francis continues the work of John Paul II to share God's love and mercy with people everywhere.