The First 3F - Family, Finance, & Fitness
- CEO Couple Club

Family First Malaysia (FFM) adds a monthly 3F CEO Couple Club to its activities to support couples and their families.
First planning meeting with the Pioneering Core Team.
3F CEO Couple Club
Selangor, Malaysia - On January 7, 2017, Family First Malaysia (FFM) launched its first 3F CEO Couple Club, a monthly gathering of high level business couples that are seeking to build happier families that will result in a better workplace, a better society, and a better nation. FFM's 3F approach - Family, Finance, and Fitness - supports a holistic approach for enriching family and society. FFM is a partner with Family First Asia (FFA) and is supported by the Fellowship of Fathers Foundation.

The Family First Malaysia's 3F CEO Couple Club targets married couples, forty-five years or younger, in which either husband or wife is a Chief Executive Officer or equivalent level of executive business leadership. Couples may be unmarried, but must have the intention to wed within a year. Each 3F CEO Couple Club is limited to twelve couples, facilitated by a core team, and with plans to rotate among different offices, hotels, and other accommodating venues once a month. These monthly meetings are designed to facilitate global networking and best practice coaching, and as well, to accelerate sustainable
business success-all integrated with family success, including fitness and health.

Dr. Peter Ting, CEO of Family First Malaysia, first shared the vision of the 3F CEO Couple Club with Marcus Tan and Charlene Teo, CEO and HR Director of the Conspec Group of Companies in early October 2016. Together, they recruited five more likeminded couples to form the initial core pioneering team of the club. Each couple sets a goal to reach out to at least one new couple per year and mentor them to do likewise. Dr. Peter firmly believes that as we THINK BIG, we must START SMALL to GROW BIG. Everything great starts small, to ensure quality along the way.
Pioneering Core Team of the 3F CEO Couple Club, together with FFM's EXCO Leadership.

FFM's goal to serve CEO couples is also supported by other events and activities such as 3F Couple Camps and 3F Business Transformation services. More synergistic activities are in the pipeline such as Family First University, Online MBA, and CEO Couple Cruise. The Camps exist for transforming couples so they may build better family lives through the fine tuning of communication, parenting, financial stewardship, and, as well, fitness, business, and spiritual life. The Camps utilize business and spiritual instructors such as Tan Tek   Seng, Tinkie Tan, and Drs. Peter and Abby Ting, to motivate and encourage participants. 3F Business activities seek to maximize current talent and resources to develop successful business systems with the right spirit and strategy, and where financial growth is integrated with building a better family and fitness.
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