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September 2018
Coverage Corner

Employment Practices Liability Insurance

Recent discrimination lawsuits have triggered renewed interest in this coverage. If you have one or 500 employees, Employment Practices Liability (also known as EPLI or EPL) is a must in your risk management arsenal.

EPLI covers lawsuits brought by employees (past, present or prospective) against the agency, alleging wrongful discharge, discrimination or other certain types of harassment. The policy may pay for legal expenses, judgments and settlements.

According to a 2015 Hiscox study, about 25% of cases result in a judgement of $500.000 or more, and on average, took 275 days to resolve.     

Common Claim Examples :

o  Sexual Harassment
o  Discrimination (Age, Sex, Sexual Orientation, Religious Beliefs) 
o  Hostile Working Environment
o  False Representation
o  Breach of Employment Contract
o  Wrongful Termination
o  Infliction of Emotional Distress
o  Wrongful Discipline
o  Failure to Employ or Promote

Risk management tools such as having an employee handbook with a anti-discrimination/harassment policy, drug testing, state and federal background checks, managerial training, thorough record keeping and pro-actively investigating employee claims can help lower your risk.  
Family First Prevention Services Act 
And How It Affects Child Welfare

A new law, called  The Family First Prevention Services Act was signed into legislation in February 2018.  The Act aims to keep families together and p revent children from entering the child welfare system.

It  will also force states to re-evaluate and overhaul their foster care system and how they spend their federally funded dollars
Highlights of the Legislation:

1. Federal funding is capped and re stricts the time in which a child can reside in a group home (with some exceptions).
2. Allows  federal reimbursement for up to 12 months for mental health services, substance abuse treatment and in-home parent skill training for  families who are at risk of entering the child welfare system.
3. Improve the well-being of children already in foster care by incentivizing states to reduce the number of placements of children in foster care.
4. Support recruitment and retention of high-quality foster families.

Opponents of the legislation feel the bill was rushed, at the expense of our nations at-risk youth.  They are also concerned that the time restrictions put on available services are not sufficient enough to deal with the underlying issues, such as addiction treatment.
Compliance guidelines to be released in October 2018.
In This Issue
Autumn is a second spring when every leaf is a flower.

-Albert Camus


1. Did you know that squirrels are smarter in the fall? A typical squirrel shows a 15% increase in the size of it's brain that stores memories and emotions compared to the rest of the year.


2. Fall is for lovers!  More people go from 'single' to 'in a relationship' in fall than any other season.


3.  The largest squash on record weighed 1,486.60 pounds!


4. Bobbing for apples started out as a British Courting ritual.


Welcoming Kelli DeTray to H&A
We are so excited to introduce the newest member of our Hawley family!  Kelli DeTray joined our team in June 2018 and has taken on the role as our Bookkeeper/Accounting Manager.   

Kelli came to us via California where she was a business owner.  She has a strong background in accounting and business operations, which makes her a perfect match for the position.  

She is quickly becoming a big fan of the Pacific Northwest and we are so happy she's part of our Hawley family!  Welcome aboard, Kelli!
Hawley "Happenings"
Annual Soiree Fundraiser
Seattle, WA.

Hawley & Associates was excited to once again sponsor and attend the annual Amara Soiree, held on September 19th, 2018, in Seattle, WA.  

Amara is a nonprofit devoted to creating a better path for children in foster care. Amara guides, prepares and supports foster families to ensure that every child in foster care can be placed in a stable, long-term and loving home.

The event was a huge success and they raised over $300,000 in new funds, realizing their projected goal!  

It is so wonderful to share in their mission and be a part of an organization that is so dedicated in serving our nations foster children and families!  
Lutheran Social Services of MN.
"Celebration of Change'
Minneapolis, MN.

Since 1865, Lutheran Social Services of MN. has been serving the people of Minnesota.  They have a presence in 87 counties and support one in 65 Minnesotans.   

Their annual "Celebration of Change' fundraiser was held on September 22nd, 2018 at the beautiful Hilton Minneapolis.  

It was an  evening filled with stories of hope and inspiration and every guest walked away feeling hopeful for the future.

Hawley & Associates was honored to sponsor & attend this years event and help contribute to their wonderful mission of positively  impacting the lives of others.
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