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Voting and Elections
October 5, 2020
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With the next Presidential Election less than a month away, now's a great time for the family to get more informed about the election process. Below are some of our favorites on the subject. Featuring titles for kids of all ages, this list consists of both stories and nonfiction books, both entertaining and informative. And don't forget to check HERE for even more books about Voting & Elections as well. Remember, it's never too early to learn about the importance of voting and democracy! 
From stump speeches to catchy slogans, debates to nominating conventions, and finally to Election Night and Inauguration Day, readers will learn all about what it takes to run for--and win--the most powerful job on earth. Activities throughout prompt readers to think about the issues they care most about and consider what makes a good president, sparking discussion with friends and family, and encouraging them to follow along and get involved as the 2020 presidential campaign heats up.

What did presidents do before they became president? The author chooses a few dates and shows us future presidents serving in government, working in other jobs, studying, or being a child.  And she wonders what kids who will be future presidents are doing today! Also available on Overdrive. 

With the next presidential election upon us, this witty, nonpartisan book will help explain the concept of voting to the youngest readers.

So many things surround a presidential election including media, ballot issues, liberal and conservative viewpoints, election budgets, travel, and campaigning. This is a guide to them all. 

What Is an Election? by Caryn Jenner
A good introduction to where and why democracy began and how it has developed over the years with an emphasis on the role elections play. 

Describes how Americans choose leaders, local and federal, and why elections should matter. Previous 2018 edition found HERE.

Beginning with government workers like firefighters and garbage collectors, and moving up through local government to the national stage, this book explains that the people in government work for the voter. Published originally in 1932, this new edition is fresh, contemporary, and fun. Also available on Overdrive
Picture Books
Vote for Our Future! by Margaret McNamara
The students of Stanton Elementary School, which is a polling place, find out all they can about voting and then encourage everyone in their neighborhoods to cast their ballots. Also available on Overdrive

V is for Voting by Kate Farrell
An introduction to civics for young readers that presents an example of citizen involvement and responsibility for each letter of the alphabet.

The President of the Jungle by Andre Rodrigues
Unhappy with Lion, the king of the jungle, the animals hold an election to choose a new leader. Also available on Overdrive

Froggy for President! by Jonathan London
Both Froggy and Frogilina are running for class president, and both have compelling platforms--but which candidate will voters choose? Also available on Overdrive

A Vote is a Powerful Thing by Catherine Stier
Callie learns a lot about voting as her family gets involved in local and national elections and she campaigns to have the local wilderness park chosen for her class field trip. Also available on Hoopla

Yes! It's almost here. And the big question is: Who will be our next president? Will our leader be a he or a she? A young citizen gives her take on politics and Election Day, told in the style of Clement C. Moore's holiday poem.

Go Vote, Baby! by Nancy Lambert
Toddlers will love casting their vote as they "slide-and-vote" in everyday situations like striped or polka dot socks in the morning, vanilla or chocolate ice cream at snack time, and many more exciting choices every kid faces throughout the day. This sturdy board book is a great way to encourage toddlers to always cast their votes, despite how ordinary or tiny the decision may seem!

A simple, fact-filled introduction for the smallest activists on how to participate in a democracy by making your voice heard and voting.
Early Readers & Early Chapter Books
Vote for Minnie (Disney) by Brooke Vitale
Minnie Mouse is running for class president! Also available on Overdrive

Vote for Our Zoo by Lori Mortensen
Jamie loves the zoo, but the zoo is worn out. If a special city vote doesn't pass, the zoo will have to close. Will Jamie and her friends' campaign be able to save the zoo? Audiobook available on Hoopla

Elect Me! by Fran Manushkin
Whose posters and speeches will bring in the most votes? Join Miss Garcia's class as they get ready to elect a class president. Will it be Davey, Nico, Julie, or Win-Li? Audiobook available on Hoopla

Vote for Katie Suzanne by Nancy Krulik
Best friends Katie and Suzanne are both nominated for mayor of the fourth grade, and Suzanne wants to win so much that she starts spreading mean rumors, while Katie gets an inside look at the Cherrydale mayoral race.

Pedro for President by Fran Manuskin
Pedro runs for class president against his friend Katie Woo. Also available on Overdrive

Kitty decides to run for President of the Neighborhood Cat Association. Also available on Overdrive
Middle Grade Chapter Books
Funny Kid for President by Matt Stanton
When eleven-year-old Max Walburt decides to run for class president claiming he is the funniest student, he must survive poop scandals, crazy teachers, and stalker ducks to win the election. Also available on Overdrive

Fourteen-year-old Kevin impetuously announces that he will run for student body president, mainly to impress his girlfriend Tina, but soon gets excited about making a positive difference in his school and community.

Big Nate, Mr. Popularity by Lincoln Peirce
When Nate decides to run for school office, he asks for Francis's help in triumphing over the popular kids. Also available on Overdrive

Ellie McDoodle is excited about starting a school newspaper and serving as editor, so when her friends and family convince her to run for class president--against her new crush, Jake--she is disappointed to have to give up the job temporarily, but is soon caught up in making posters and speeches and getting to know Jake better.
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