Volume 01 | 3.25.2020
Family Guide for
Engaging Children at Home
Math, English, Science, oh my! Families across America and the world are taking on new forms of child care and educational responsibilities, but Saginaw ISD is here to assure you that there are no wrong ways to keep our ‘nuggets of joy’ on pace.

By now, parents and guardians might be feeling swamped by all of the free apps, tools, and online homework sessions; however, for those parents that are still hunting for some structure, accountability and the best resources to keep students engaged - Look no further!

Saginaw ISD continues working hard for you. SISD educational experts sorted through hundreds and hundreds of online tools and resources in order to prepare a complete list of top-notch, best-rated apps and websites to help you keep students engaged. Resources recommended in this guide should help ease any tension.

For individuals that require specific supports in the area of enrichment for your children, please feel free to complete the form below.
Saginaw ISD Recommendations
There is no need to start over! Use the programs and apps that your children are familiar with. This could be provided from your school during this timeframe or apps that your family already has. Trying something new in a time of stress can be challenging. Need something new? Check out Scholastic's website.
Think offline too! There are other ways to keep kids engaged. Ask children to make creations or go outside for a scavenger hunt. Encourage kids to read and talk about books with those in the home or research areas of interest. Also, physical activity will be important during this time frame. Keep them active and healthy!
As adults, you are being asked to care for and engage children daily. You instantly became a homeschooler without preparation! You may also be concerned about your work and have elderly parents you are taking care of. All of this leads to anxiety for you and your family. It is important to take care of everyone's mental health as you and your family are experiencing high levels of anxiety. Feel free to use and share the resource below.
Make it doable! Keeping this simple and straightforward results in more follow through. Families can become quickly overwhelmed with schedules or too many resources. Instead try the following:
  • 20 minutes of reading
  • 20-30 minutes of physical activity
  • an engagement activity in the morning and afternoon
  • connect to virtual sessions when possible
Need an idea for a virtual experience? Check out the calendar below!

Reach out to Saginaw ISD for support
Ericka Taylor - Executive Director of Early Childhood (Birth-5)
Erin Senkowski - Executive Director of Special Education
Rebekah Hornak - Executive Director of Instruction (K-12)
Additional Support for Parents
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