MVBC Family Happenings
The familiar sounds of “Merry Christmas” and “Season’s Greetings” are likely ringing in our ears as we greet others and are greeted wherever we go. They are joyous words which are intended to convey glad tidings; however, they often are words which begin disputes. A Christian who shares, “Merry Christmas!” may be negatively confronted by someone who does not share their faith. Someone who says, “Season’s Greetings!” may be confronted by a Christian asking the question, “What is it about the season that moves you to greet me in this way?” The reality is this, our words relay to others something about the way we relate to God. May our words spread the glad tidings of the gospel wherever we go. Please join us this Sunday for worship. We will be studying 1 Corinthians 10:14-22.
As we celebrate the Advent of Christ's arrival to this earth, we can rejoice in our hope to come. This Sunday, December 20, we will remember what Christ has done for us from the manger, to His ministry, and ultimately to the cross and resurrection. Join us for the Lord's Table as we remember and give thanks for everything He has done for us.
Holiday Service Schedule
Christmas Eve Candlelight Service
4:30 p.m. In-Person Worship Service (*Livestream on YouTube)
Holiday Schedule Changes to Note
Wednesday, December 23 - No Services
Wednesday, December 30 - No Services
Wednesday, January 6 - Livestream Only (No in-person services)
* Link will be live at service time.
Children's winter Sunday School has resumed. Students in grades K3 through 3 will have their curriculum mailed to them and those in grades 4-6 are going virtual. If you are interested in having Sunday School curriculum sent to your children or having your 4th through 6th grader join the Skirkeys on Zoom for their Sunday School class, please sign up here
You can still worship through giving from home. You may either mail checks to P.O. Box 606, Nashua, NH, 03061 or donate online here. To view giving information for last week, click here.
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