Dance Dynamics | 2021 Showcase
We are sending out this email to provide some last minute updates. Please view the UPDATED SHOW LINE UP. We can't wait to see everyone!
On stage at Byrne Plaza Fri June 18th
2:30pm - Graduating Seniors
3:30pm - Company Productions
5:30pm - Announcements
6:15pm - Finale followed by Show Numbers

Dancers will not be wearing costumes. Please come in all black dance attire with hair pulled back in a slick low ponytail (no fly aways), and appropriate shoes for your dances. Company members please wear a black leo. Students may leave after their last number.

Bring a chair/blanket and plenty of fluids.
In the event of rain please check FB and website for updates of location.

PLEASE do not arrive earlier. The staff will need this time to prepare the venue for the event.

Dancers may arrive at 4:30 and begin the check in process. Report to the check in table first (picnic table with umbrella). Any parent wishing to help their child in the tent will need to obtain a Parent Pass at the check in table

Audience may begin to enter the plaza at 4:30pm.
7:00 pm
The Overcomer Showcase will begin. The showcase will have 2 acts with an intermission. Show will begin approximately 7:00pm. A layout of the venue is linked for your reference.

Come to stage with full performance makeup on and do touch ups as needed. Dancers with one act please arrive in costume.

Dancers are permitted to watch the show between numbers, but are requested to report back to the prep area at least 3 numbers before their next number. We kindly ask that young dancers have their parent escort them to the check-in table first.


Coverup for costume outside of tent
Water, Gatorade, Snacks
Cooler of ice and towels to help with heat.
Rug for tent
Chair for tent and/or lawn
Revised Show Lineup marked with numbers

The venue has lawn and path seating, so please bring a beach chair or blanket. 

Seating is available on a first come basis beginning at 4:30pm. Please note some areas will be reserved for media and staff.

Please refrain from using umbrellas and pop up shade items that can obstruct others view. If needed umbrellas can be used at the back of the venue.

We also plan to have portions of the Showcase available through a Facebook Live Event. Please check out our FB page the night of the showcase.

DANCER TENT - Very Limited Access
An enclosed tent will be erected behind the stage for dancers' costume changes.
  • Security will be posted at the entrances of the tent and only allow access to dancers and people with proper back stage credentials.
  • The tent will be placed on a stone/shell driveway. When setting up your area you will want to bring a carpet remnant or area rug.
  • There will be lights and fans in the tent, but chances are it is going to be hot. You may want to bring a cooler of ice and towels to help cool off.
  • There is limited electric and the majority of the outlets will be used for the setup of the tent area.
  • We kindly ask that you be frugal in your personal area, as we have numerous students who need to use the space and occupancy standards to conform to.
  • Should you have more than one number and need to change costumes, please utilize the men's bathroom located to the left of the stage.

PLEASE NOTE: If your child is in one number please have them arrive dressed for stage. Although the tent is primarily for students with multiple costume changes, one act students may utilize the tent after their number to change out of their costume if they wish, however we kindly ask you be mindful of the hectic pace of the area and try to be quick.
After each number and the finale all dancers will report backstage.
  • Dancers who DO NOT have belongings in the tent:
  • Dancers will return to the front of the stage to meet their families.
  • Dancers who have a setup in the tent:
  • Dancers will gather their belongings and clean up their area from the tent and meet their families in front of the stage. Parents with a Pass may also enter to help the dancer pack up.
To ensure the safety of all dancers, no dancer will be permitted to leave directly from the stage. All dancers will report backstage after their numbers and the finale. 

The tent will have very limited access to provide a less hectic atmosphere. With this in mind please note the following:
  • DD Staff will be assigned to the tent to help with costume issues and any quick changes.
  • To help keep with congestion and traffic, dancers may have access to the tent while they continue to have numbers in the show. Upon their final number (not including finale) we request they join their families to watch the remainder of the show. 

s this is an outside venue, for safety reasons please follow these guidelines: 
  • Young dancers will not be permitted to leave the backstage area without being escorted by a parent to watch the show.