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November 2012 

Family Law
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One cannot terminate his or her parental rights voluntarily unless an adoption is occurring and someone else is assuming that parent's role. 



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Marital Debt
Credit Cards   

Too often in divorce cases, a client will describe credit card debt as "his and mine" or as "hers and mine".  The client implies that any and all debt in a person's name is automatically his or her debt based on the name on the credit account alone.


A court, however, does not define debt and does not allocate debt in a divorce action based on the name on a credit card.  Rather, debt allocation during a divorce action is based on the period of time when debt is incurred.  


Termination of Parental Rights 
 By Amy M.P. VanFossen, Esq.


Termination of Parental Rights


Whether hearing the words from a mother who wants a father out of her life and out of her child's life or whether hearing the words from a parent who wants to be rid of the financial obligation of child support because he or she doesn't get regular visitation, there is no such thing as terminating parental rights just because you want to do so.


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