April 2019

Day at the Capitol is in many ways the impetus for our family leaders as they pursue their Civic Projects and solutions to community challenges. This annual event gathers FLTI sites from across Colorado to demystify the civic process and encourage family leaders that they, too, can be involved at the highest levels of decision- and policy-making.
Family leaders observed House and Senate proceedings, attended committee hearings, engaged with participants from other sites and met their legislators. Colorado Attorney General Phil Weiser, State Representative Jeni Arndt and State Representative Rochelle Galindo were keynote speakers and inspired participants that "we are part of a tradition that relies on engaged citizens who don't simply disengage and give up, but stay with the hard work of governing that we all have to work on together." (AG Phil Weiser)
Additionally, we are grateful to Senator Faith Winter, the office of State Representative Meg Froelich and a lobbyist for Colorado's firefighters for taking time to speak with our participants and share insight into their experience and perspectives.
Thank you Angela Engel for your invaluable contribution of this event to FLTI of Colorado and thank you to our state team Family Leadership Training Institute of Colorado at CSU Extension for another amazing and incredible day! What a beautiful, impactful, POWERFUL day of demystifying the civic process!
In leadership, 

Taylor McKinney
Site Coordinator
Participants meet a lobbyist for Colorado Firefighters and staff from Rep. Froelich's office
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