Our Family Life Class, aimed at adults of a younger age and their families, we is studying new course, Alpha for Families. This is the well-known Alpha Course designed to encourage family conversations with your spouse or children about some of the ‘big’ questions of faith.

Every Sunday, we will watch a 15-20 minute video about a big question (e.g. “How do I have faith?” or “Does God heal today?”). You can watch alone or with your spouse, kids or friends! There’ll be a few ‘pauses’ in the message for you to think about what you believe and discuss it with whomever you’re watching.

For younger children, you will find a conversation starter guide in the email and on the website. So, after you watch the teaching, you can start having deeper faith conversations with your younger kids who might not sit through the video.

The Rev. Dr. Suse E. McBay
Associate for Adult Christian Education and Prayer Ministries

The Rev. Alex D. Graham III
Associate for Children and Family Ministries
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A Guide for Discussion with Younger Children


We encourage you to use this guide to have a conversation with your children. Maybe over dinner, before bed or on a drive somewhere, there are always opportunities to start talking with our kids about some of these basic beliefs of Christians, and to help them think it through for themselves. You, as their parents, have an important role to play in giving them permission to ask these questions, and you do not have to have all of the answers!

How Can I Resist Evil?

Evil is a scary word. It means the opposite of all that is good and joyful - all that God loves. Christians believe that there are evil unseen forces in the world that don’t want us to know God or all the joy that comes with knowing Him. The really good news is we don’t need to be scared. Jesus defeated all evil in the world when he died on the cross. As Christians we are safe with him. Moreover, if we ever feel fearful we can ask Jesus to help he and we will! Discuss these questions and learn more about how you can navigate the times when evil appears.

  • Where do you think evil comes from?
  • If Jesus has defeated everything that is bad, wicked or evil in the world, why do we still get scared? How would you feel if you completely trusted Jesus’ victory?
  • Can you make wise choices to live for God and move away from evil? If so, how?