Family Matters is a publication of the Delaware Valley Family Business Center, July 2020

In this issue I invite you to join me in:

  • Congratulating Member Sarah St. John, G5 Vice President, Fisher & Son!

  • Enjoying a thoughtful blog by Member Lisa Nelson, G1 HR Administrator, Nelson Wire Rope.

We are here for you. Our Leadership Lab s and Consulting Engagements continue via Zoom or in person.

Here's to your flourishing!   
 ~ Sally

Welcome to Brenda Delp, Joining our Team as Client Coordinator!
We’re in the midst of a transition in our front office. Since 2014, Brenda Bishop’s welcoming smile and pleasant “voice of DVFBC” on the phone has been appreciated by our members, clients, and staff. Several months ago, Brenda told us of her wish to retire from full-time employment but gave plenty of time for us to find just the right person for our culture of hospitality. 

I am delighted to announce that we have invited another Brenda to join our staff.  Brenda Delp grew up in nearby Souderton. Some of you may know her father, Galen Swope, a key non-family employee of one of the oldest family firms in our area, The Estate of George S. Snyder in Hatfield. Like her mother, Brenda chose an initial career in nursing (BS in Nursing, Goshen College).

Congratulations to Member Sarah St. John!

Sarah was recognized in the July/August issue of Family Business Magazine as a Next Gens to Watch Class of 2020!

Sarah is Generation 5 Vice President at Fisher & Son , Exton, PA and

Way to go, Sarah!
Members of our Women in Family Business Leadership Lab
Finding Their Voices and Growing

Diane Ruch, of George Didden Greenhouses, Inc. , and member of the Women in Family Business Leadership Lab: "As a wife of a small business owner, I have struggled to see what my role is to be, when not working in the business. At DVFBC, I joined the Women’s Leadership Lab(a great group of women!!) and have grown tremendously! I’ve learned a whole new “language” of business terms, I’m learning how to step into crucial conversations with my husband in our personal life, in the business, and with others. I desire to see the next generation be stronger and better prepared to work with each other, and to be intentional in those relationships. 'Progress not perfection!'”

Tracey Sandmeyer, of Sandmeyer Steel and a founding member of the Women in Family Business Leadership Lab: "My leadership lab experience is a valuable source of satisfaction, learning, companionship, support, and growth. By learning more about family businesses in general and hearing from the others in my group about theirs, I have a much better understanding of the family and the family business I married into. Family businesses are challenging and each family business is unique in how they deal with the issue of being both family members and business partners.  I’ve learned how normal and smart it is to get outside support to help manage these challenges! I have also discovered that I enjoy learning about leadership and that I have more impact and influence in the family than I realized!"
Learning Community Member Blog Contributor
By  Lisa Nelson , G1 HR Administrator,  Nelson Wire Rope,  Hatfield, PA. Married to Rick, Owner; Mother to G2 members Stephen and Rob.

Wow! 2020 sure has been challenging! I recently saw a post on social media that really summed it up. It was a twist on the 1985 classic movie Back to the Future. In the post, Doc Brown, the time traveling scientist who helps Marty repair history says, “Marty – whatever happens – don’t go back to 2020.”

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