Family Matters is a publication of the Delaware Valley Family Business Center, June 2021

I am delighted to share EXCITING NEWS with you!

1 We are returning to IN PERSON programs on June 22, The Management Mountain: Strategy, Culture & Accountability. And you may also participate in this event virtually!

I look forward to this Home-Coming experience!
2 Due to Member interest, we have developed and continue to develop 5 MOUNTAIN® Peer Groups to grow leaders as they navigate family business complexities. Please let me know if you have interest in exploring a peer group. 
Might you have interest in a peer group as described by Jo Anne Forman, Chair of Sealstrip, Boyertown?
Here's to your ongoing flourishing!
Welcome New Members!

For 5 Generations, the Stauffer Family has run Stauffer Glove & Safety in Red Hill, PA. During the pandemic, Stauffer was able pivot to help meet the area's PPE needs. Welcome!

Family owned and operated for over 20 years, Smithwell Construction, Allentown, PA, provides professional workmanship and quality construction. Welcome to our Learning Community!

One of the most challenging roles in a family firm is the president who is often managing several roles. This complexity absolutely requires the virtues of “Humble, Hungry and Smart.” (See Sally's Blog)
Two of our Members who are serving as president will reflect on strategy, culture and accountability in their businesses

Most family business owners do not have a properly designed buy-sell agreement which puts both the family and the business in jeopardy. While buy-sells are created with the best of intentions, there are often many unintended consequences which lead to confusion, conflict and chaos for both the family and the business.

Limited in-person seating available!

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In her latest blog, Developing Team Players in Our Families and Businesses. Sally focuses on our 2021 theme book and why Humble, Hungry and Smart are the keys to hiring and developing Team Players.

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Since early 2020, all of our programs have been recorded and are on our website. To keep up with the latest in COVID-related issues, visit our COVID Resources page. Members have full access to recordings of all our Forum Learning Community Programs on the Previous Events Page.

Gratitude to our Sponsors
We are grateful to our EDU Sponsors who share our commitment to education and
provide our member and client families with a wealth of knowledge. Without their generosity and expertise, our events would not be possible.

Our Mission: Flourishing Families & Enterprises

Since 1988, it's been our privilege to guide multi-generation business families through their complex, unique journeys. We have served over 900 business families with our customized, inter-generational, team-building 5 MOUNTAIN® Process. 

We chart the path, teach the principles, develop the people, and guide the process that provides the direction, confidence, and tools to overcome the dangers, beat the odds, and reach the summit for each family member & their enterprises!