Family Matters is a publication of the Delaware Valley Family Business Center, May 2020
I have been continuously reminding myself what is and what is not within my control during these prolonged weeks of loss and uncertainty.

We do have a lot we can control, such as:
- How am I going to lead myself and others in ways that are consistent with my values?
- How am I going to spread love, kindness, and hope to those at home and at work?
- How am I going to continue to hold myself and others accountable? Set appropriate boundaries?

- How am I going to respond to my own and others’ anxiety, criticism, and/or negativity?
- How am I going to gracefully accept what I
cannot control and manage what I can control ? (And, God, grant me the wisdom to
know the difference.)

How would YOU respond to these questions?
We continue to be here for you. Our Leadership Labs and Consulting Engagements have continued via Zoom. A reminder you may access the webinars we’ve done to date , join upcoming webinars , and access other resources

Sending you Hope and Light!     

 ~ Sally

Learning Community Member News
Laboratory Testing Inc. announces 3rd Generation family member Brandon McVaugh has been named President. The “baton is passed on” to Brandon after Mike McVaugh has served in this role for 25 years. Congratulations on this amazing milestone!
Sauder Motors has joined our Learning Community! Sauder Motors is a 3rd Generation, family-owned car dealership and automotive and RV repair shop located in Strasburg, PA. Welcome, Meg and Daryn!
Welcome to the Hebel Family of Bucks Country Gardens,  Doylestown, PA. This 1st, moving to 2nd Generation family business builds spectacular gardens and meaningful personal relationships.
Welcome New Leadership Lab Members
Nellie (Forst) DiPietro is a 3rd Generation Shareholder and serves as Virtual Services Coordinator for Lincoln Investment in Fort Washington, PA. Welcome, Nellie!
Eric Forst is a 3rd Generation Shareholder and serves as Branch Analyst at Lincoln Investment, Fort Washington, PA. Welcome, Eric!

Please continue to visit our COVID-19 Resource Webpage which includes our Webinars to date as well as our EDU Sponsors' links which are continuously updated as new information becomes available. 
Emotional Agility Blog Series
Our 2020 Theme Book for our members is Emotional Agility: Get Unstuck, Embrace Change, and Thrive in Work & Life by Susan David. Little did we know that it would be so appropriate for the challenges we are now facing! 

Each of our team members is blogging on how this book has been a helpful resource in navigating COVID-19 by answering these two questions:
       What are you being invited to let go of right now?
     What are you being invited to hold on to?
Contributor: Brenda Bishop

I have to admit, it’s hard for me to share what I am being invited to let go of. It feels intimate and vulnerable letting others see what may appear selfish. Here are some of the things I feel invited to let go of:

Gratitude to our Sponsors
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