Family Matters is a publication of the Delaware Valley Family Business Center, October 2020
I am thrilled to welcome Steve Essig to our Advisory Team! 
Steve brings a lifetime (over 45 years) of firsthand experience in navigating family business complexities including a long-term partnership with his father and two brothers. We are pleased to have Steve work with us while he continues as the G3 President of Essig Plumbing and Heating, Reading, PA. 
Steve also serves as chair of our Presidents Leadership Lab

An alumni of our Learning Community, Steve is eager to read more... 

Please join me in welcoming Steve to our team!

Best Practice Webinar
Wednesday, October 21, 9 - 10 am ET

Increasing the value of your business is a good idea, whether or not your transition plan involves selling or transferring to the next generation. There are some practical steps you can take in the operational areas of your business as well as the people side of your business that will increase the value and help your next generation succeed.

Join Paula Barrett, Partner, RKL,
Jeff Green, Co-Founder and Principal, PROXUS, and Sally Derstine, Managing Partner, DVFBC, as they share tips on why, how and when to build value. Read more...

Read Jim Smucker's recent blog about his purposeful run across Ohio. You can also read the local news reporting on this adventure.

In a recent video to all employees, Ed Forst, expressed whole-hearted commitment to taking action on issues of diversity and inclusion. A new initiative, "Dialogues Across Differences", is a training program for all employees.
Members Speak Out!

Ron Sandmeyer, 3rd Gen President and CEO of Sandmeyer Steel Company modeled leadership in action with his Newsletterstatement supporting Black Lives Matter. You can read the Steeline Newsletter here.

Please see Ron's guest blog for DVFBC.
Leadership Lab Updates

New G2 Member Joins our Presidents Leadership Lab!

Dave Volpe, G2 President at Volpe Enterprises, Inc, North Wales, PA is a new member of our Presidents Peer Group. Welcome, Dave!

Women's Leadership Lab Retreat

Members of the Women in Family Business Leadership Lab enjoyed a morning retreat at Copper House in September. After a refreshing time of contemplative"forest bathing", we spent time reflecting

and baking homemade pizza in the brick oven on the beautiful patio.

Self-care and reflection are important leadership practices so we can show up as the best versions of ourselves in all of our roles!

Gratitude to our Sponsors
We are grateful to our EDU Sponsors who share our commitment to education and
provide our member and client families with a wealth of knowledge. Without their generosity and expertise, our events would not be possible.

Special congratulations to RKL LLP, named one of the Best Places to Work in Pennsylvania for the fourth consecutive year! Well done!

Our Mission: Flourishing Families & Enterprises
through Consulting, Peer Groups, & Educational Events

Since 1988, it's been our privilege to guide multi-generation business families through their complex, unique journeys. We have served over 900 business families with our customized, inter-generational, team-building 5 MOUNTAIN® Process

We chart the path, teach the principles, develop the people, and guide the process that provides the direction, confidence, and tools to overcome the dangers, beat the odds, and reach the summit for each family member & their enterprises!