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Whole Health Everyday started after a personal health experience convinced me that there had to be a better way. Every day since, I have sought out to empower people with health challenges to eat better foods, while NOT losing out on the flavor and all the comfort foods they craved. 

Our mission at WHE is to teach our clients to live without the fear of restriction, but rather, the freedom of endless variety from the best ingredients in life. ​ We help people who have special dietary needs due to illness, allergies, athletics or simply because they have the desire to master a health-centered lifestyle. - Rebecca Clubb, founder

Now serving Southern California (LA, OC, SD), Las Vegas, and Phoenix/Scottsdale
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Meal Delivery in Orange County, CA
(Available in Orange County, CA only)

Tired of restaurant take out not tasting the way it does IN the restaurant? Many restaurants are offering take out, but are delivering sad, mushy food. Whole Health Everyday is now offering full size family meals you know will satisfy without the burden of planning, shopping, cooking, and cleaning. 

Unlike other meal delivery services, these recipes are created in-house by a professional chef who understands health from many angles and what clients want! Also, the meals are created with you in mind. We select recipes and techniques so you can reheat perfectly for the best tasting food.
Sophia Cavalli
Living Well with ADHD
We know from neuroscience that ADHD is the result of deficiencies and imbalances of specific neurotransmitters in the brain. ADHD can create profound problems with focus, attention, restlessness, follow through, distractions, memory, procrastination, and regulating emotions, etc. With new findings and discoveries, making some lifestyle changes can help manage the symptoms so you can live well with ADHD.
Craig Meriwether
I became a Hypnotherapist after being fascinated with the idea that you can give someone a sugar pill, a saline injection or even perform some fake surgery or give someone a fake treatment, and a certain percentage of those people through their belief that they will be healed will get better with a substance that has zero healing capability. Their body’s automated healing abilities take over and create the exact chemicals within their own physiology equal to the substance that they think they're taking. That is the placebo effect. 
So, the big question is, is there a way to tap into the placebo effect and mobilize our inner resources for healing without having to be tricked with fake medicine and procedures? ​
SURVEY: Which of these flavor combinations would you choose?
almonds, chocolate, and coconut
apple and cinnamon
brussels sprouts and bacon
The last newsletter survey results are in!!!! - We asked what sort of recipe would you like to see in our September newsletter and the winner is..........HEALTHY COCKTAIL!

Watch for the September featured recipe for a delicious healthier cocktail!
Articles Our Chefs Are Reading
Our chefs are continuously educating themselves on the latest news and information in the world of food and health. Here are some of the articles our chefs are reading today:

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Owner, Rebecca Clubb, releases articles weekly through her LinkedIn page about topics in the food & health industry.
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