July 31, 2020
Dear Parents,

As August looms just around the corner, we prepare to enter a new season of life. For some, this new season means a return to work or school. For others, it means a new class with new students. For others it means an entirely new school. For others it is a new way of being a student or a teacher. And for others August simply brings more uncertainty.

Transitions can be exciting and hard and they can be both at the exact same time.

I call these in-between times, these transitions, the messy middle, or the space between. It's often a time when we know that what we once had will never be the same again, but where the new picture of what is to be is not yet completely clear.

The messy middle can be painful and hard, even when there is excitement and anticipation about what is still to come. The messy middle can feel lonesome and overwhelming. The messy middle might even like a never-ending wilderness.

As I reflect on the messy middle in this season of life, I found these words from poet Jan Richardson to be both assuring and hopeful.

When you come
to the place between.
When you have left
what you held
most dear.
When you are traveling
toward the life
you know not.
When you arrive
at the hardest ground.
May it become
for you
a place to rest.
May it become
for you
a place to dream.
May the pain
that has pressed itself
into you
give way
to vision,
to knowing.
May the morning
make of it
an altar,
a path,
a place to begin
—Jan Richardson

May we know God's presence with us in the messy middle. And may we have the courage to step forward into the next season of life.

Grace and peace,

Family Devotion
At Home
Click here for a family devotional from Illustrated Ministries. This week the focus is on the Feeding the 5,000 and how God provides for us.

You can use this resource to prepare for worship on Sunday or to provide further reflection following worship.
Send Some Love!
As we prepare to bless the school year, we know that our teachers need an extra blessing too!

Your child will soon be receiving some special mail reminding them that they are loved as they prepare to return to school, whatever that might look like.

Included in the package will be a pre-addressed and pre-stamped postcard that we would like for your child to color, write a simple note, then drop in the mail.

If you'd be willing to send more than one postcard please let me know asap so I can add it to your package. Or, if you do not want to participate, please let me know asap so that we make sure to cover all our teachers.
Sunday School Returns!
Sunday, August 9
I am excited to announce that Dan and Perri will be returning as our Sunday School teachers! Sunday School videos will be available on Facebook and on our website.

And save the date! On Sunday, August 16 at 12:30pm, Dan and Perri will host a Zoom gathering for our children and parents to celebrate the new year!
Blessing the Year
Sunday, August 9 at 11:00am
We know this year will begin differently than most others, with different dates, different methods, different rules, and even different roles. But we also believe that God is present in the midst of this new beginning, strange as it might be.

As part of worship on Sunday, August 9 we will bless this school year, so be sure to tune in on Facebook Live !
Questions with Kimmy
This is our final week of Questions with Kimmy You can check out my responses on Facebook or on our website .
Snacks Needed
This summer we've been providing sandwiches to kids in our community through the YMCA. Now, we're trying to add snacks too!

You can sign-up for a day to deliver at least 25 individually wrapped snack bags to the Covington YMCA (think Goldfish, Cheez-its, etc.).

Sign up here by clicking here .
Healing hARTS
For our church family members in need of a healing touch during this season, we're inviting our children to draw a picture or write a note to someone who might need it.

If your child is willing to draw a picture or write a note, email me and let me know how many drawings your child would like to create and I will send you addresses.

Thanks for helping to care for our whole church family!