Or am I waiting?
Dear St. Andrew's families,

Tomorrow is the day I need your videos for our Pentecost gift and I only have 2. 

So I'm waiting. 

And patience isn't one of my spiritual gifts.  Several people in white collars have commented on this and recommended some practice.  So I found a great essay on it and have resolved to practice more.

But in the meantime, I'm begging!  Please, please will you participate?  

I just need you to upload your videos to Dropbox (or send to me via google drive). It's not too late even if you haven't opened the script yet!  If your kids are too little or wiggly to read or recite it themselves, we would love to have a recording of you parents reading it to them.  And if you have ever seen something more adorable than a 4 year old whooshing like the wind, send that to me too because it's pretty high on the adorable scale.

In all seriousness, the project hinges on our current Sunday school children and young families contributing to it.  The script is so short, it will be really quick and painless (30 seconds if you speak slowly).  I'm posting updated instructions and links below, but the most important instruction is to record in landscape orientation and to have fun with your family.

Let me know if you have any questions or run into any technical difficulties.  I am happy to help.  I even created a cute checklist for you!

Please and thank you, 

-Erin O'Brien, Director of Christian Education
Please record a short video  of your family/child/children performing the  attached script  then upload it to the  Dropbox folder that you should have already received and invitation to.  If Dropbox is being temperamental, you can share it with me via GoogleDrive.  Email me with any issues!  Once the videos are uploaded, Jeff Nelson will edit them together into one big, beautiful celebration video.
Please upload them to Dropbox no later than  Thursday, May 22nd. I may be able to push it to Friday, but Jeff is being very kind by editing so quickly, so the earlier the better.  Your child can either recite or read the script. For younger children, parents can read the text with them or to them. Siblings can do it together or separately, and pets are welcome too. Don't forget we want parents in the video as well if you're willing.
I have attached  general instructions along with the script.   But the most important instructions are to film it in landscape orientation and to have fun with your family. We aren't looking for perfect renditions of the play, just something intelligible that captures at least a little bit of your child's and family's personalities. You can record it wherever it works for your family. I have attached some  quick video tips you might want to look at but it's not required. 
I do also need a  signed release. I have included the form here. You just need to fill out your child' s/children's names, sign, scan, and return it. You can upload it into the same Dropbox file you place your video or just take a picture of it and email it to me. For your convenience, all the files attached here will also be in the Dropbox folder.  Please let me know if you have any questions or issues.
I really appreciate the time and effort you will all put in to make this a wonderful celebratory present to St. Andrew's. I believe your patience and resolve, as we walk through these physically distant times together, will result in greater connection and at least this one treasured memory.

PS:  Props for the Play

are some super cute Pentecost streamers you can make. Simple red bands of cloth wave just as well.

H ere is an outline for flame you can cut out of red paper.  If you use yellow and orange paper too you can make them all fancy.  If you attach them to a red construction paper head band, you can wear them as a flame over your head.  Just waving them is fine, though.  Watch out!  They may be hot.

God of arts and the imagination,
may we perform with courage and joy;
May our work inspires others 
and give glory to you,
The Artist of all creation.  Amen.
Adapted from Common Prayer for Children an Families

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