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April 2016

Happy Easter!  Our Lord, Jesus has Risen!  He has overcome darkness and evil and even death!
I don't know about you, but I often feel that after Easter, it's anti-climactic!    Lent is over, Easter family celebrations are done, Spring Break is over and life goes back to "normal".  Why don't I feel "New life?"
But, as I reflect on scripture, especially the Gospels and Acts of the Apostles:  Two  of my favorites:  Doubting Thomas and Emmaus Story,  I am positive that is NOT what God had in mind for us!  What is the GOOD NEWS?  Not that we go on in life - day by day -just by getting by, but to THRIVE!  To have life to the full!  I ask myself (yes, I do talk and answer myself!) What would make my life truly JOYOUS? 
What things drive me crazy?  Push me to the brink?  Here are some of mine:
How do I keep this NEW LIFE going?  By praying, keeping my eyes on God, reading His love letter to me (the Bible), by Reconciling with God and my brothers and sisters - asking for forgiveness when I turn away, by celebrating Mass and recognizing Jesus is truly present and wants to me with me! 
The GREAT NEWS is that I am a child of God and am truly loved - no matter what I do or don't do.   Jesus died so that I could be with Him in all eternity!  This is GREAT NEWS!!!
Today is a NEW DAY!  Our Church is a great Do-Over Church.  The sacraments keep us closer to God if we live them! 

It's like going from living life in black and white, to beautiful, glorious Color! 

My prayer for you this Easter Season (it lasts until Pentecost on May 15th) is that EVERY MORNING, you put your God-glasses on and see the MYSTERY and BEAUTY He has in store for you that day!  Live the JOY! 

Easter Blessings to you and your family!
Nancy Longo  
Thank you in Advance for Helping Out!

We are managing a FACE PAINTING Booth!  
We need help Managing a booth at the Parish Fair.  If we get a team of 5 or 6 people - we can share the load!  
Volunteers for the booth will be provided - but we need someone to coordinate supplies and things needed in the booth!  

Faith Formation Families -
List of things to donate for Fair. Please bring next weekend!

Call Nancy at 562-598-0519
It's Yankee Candle Time!
 We are partnering with Yankee Candle Fundraising to help achieve our goal this year!  They are the world's #1 Candle brand and they offer a wide range of premium candles.  40% of every sale goes to us!
Our Group Number is 990061637

Our Goal is to improve using Internet Resources and to have more current resources for our Catechists to use for your students!
Thank You for supporting our Adopted Family!
You were so generous in supplying our family food for Thanksgiving, Christmas and Easter!  
Not to mention the Christmas gifts and Easter books!
You are a very generous community!  Our family was very appreciative!
CRS Collection! 
You were so generous in supporting the Catholic Relief Service!  $688.00!!!  That's double last year!
Thank you for your generosity!
What's for Adults on Sunday Mornings?

Faithful Families - walk together in joy and truth!
What can a parent do for an hour while their children are in class?
    Yes you could go do errands....
                       but you could do that anytime....

You could take this time to:
Slow Down
Take some time for yourself and God
    Learn more about your faith
   Talk with other parents about practicing your faith at home
Laugh, learn, take a breather, relax
   Be Filled with God's Amazing Love!

Even if you KNOW the topics we are going to cover, it would be great for you to come and share how you use it in your family!!!  This is a WITNESS of Faith! We need you!!!
Faith Conversations & Updates for Parents/Adults: 
10:35-11:30am.  Bring your Bible if you have one!  If not, I have extras!
  • Chris Dominguez will be leading us as we share faith this Easter Season.  Come to the PLC and share with other adults!

 More Information

Everyone is welcome - even those without children in faith formation!
Pick up a donut after mass - we will have a coffee bar available!
Early Childhood Calendar

 April 3 - Class
April 10 - Class
April 17 - NO CLASS - Enjoy the Parish Fair!  Have you signed up to help us out?
April 24 - LAST CLASS!!!
Elementary - Sacrament Prep Year 1 & 2 
and Quest kids
April 3 - Class
April 10 - Class
April 17 - NO CLASS - ENJOY the Parish Fair!!  Have you Signed up to help us out?
April 24th - Class
May 1st - NO CLASS - 1st Eucharist Weekend
May 8th - NO Class - Mothers Day
May 15th - Last Day - May Crowning & Ice Cream Social
SACRAMENT Preparation Families:
1st Eucharist Retreat - April 24th from 2-5pm (Parents and Child) 
Banners are DUE April 10th!
Middle School - Tuesday Nights
  • Tuesday, April 5th
  • Tuesday, April 12
  • Tuesday, April 19
  • Tuesday, April 26
  • On The Edge (Last Night for summer) - May 3
  • Middle School Retreat - August
 All 2nd Year Sacrament Preparation Parents!!!

first communion

For Year 2 Families - 
1st Eucharist Retreat - Sunday, April 24th from 2pm-5pm.  (Flyer for Retreat)
Childcare for siblings $5 - please RSVP to Nancy

All studies prove that children learn more from the way their parents live out their faith in the homes.  Our Sacrament Preparation Sessions for parents are meant to help parents refresh their understanding of the Catholic faith and how they, as parents, can better live the faith out in everyday, ordinary ways as a family!  How can we be a Holier Family!

Banners Due - April 10th
Confirmation - High School
Note: Celebration of Sacrament of Confirmation 2016 
will be on Saturday, May 28 -10am
  •  Apr 3 - Class (No parents - just teens)
  • April 10 - Class
  • April 17th - YES, there is Class - you can attend Parish Fair after mass!
  • April 24th - Class
  • May 1st - There is Class - but because of 1st Eucharist for the children, you are invited to attend whatever mass is convenient for you!  Note:  Every mass but 7:30am will be full!
  REVELATION NIGHT - Wednesdays,  from 7:30-8:45pm
go to website for more information  
Youth Ministry Events

Check out our Website for dates and permission slips.

Revelation NIGHTs 
Wednesdays from 7:30-9:00pm

All Teens Invited (bring your friends!)

Registration is Open - $50 deposit due if you would like to attend this summer!

Middle School Youth Ministry Activities

Middle School Retreat - August!  

-Marc Leon - [email protected]
See ON THE EDGE CALENDAR for all Middle School Teens! Invite your friends!!! 
Liturgy of the Word for Children

Liturgy of the Word for Children  Currently at 9am Mass - Children from 4 to 9 year olds can come and have the Word of God explained to them in words that they can understand!

Free!  Parents, please feel free to join us!


We can use more volunteers!  The more people we have who volunteer, then you only have to do it once a month!  We would also like to begin doing this at the 12:30pm mass!  We will provide material and training!  


Email Nancy Longo for more information. [email protected]

Little Saints - Toddler Ministry

Little Saints  is for our active and restless little toddlers during 9am and 10:30am mass.  


It is our prayer that families take their children to mass every Sunday and form them from the very beginning, but some days....well - we all know those days - they just won't sit still.


Please feel free to take your "Little Saints" to the day care room to run free and dance to Jesus Music and Jesus video's and hear stories of Jesus! 

We have 5 young college aged ladies who are take very good care of your little Saints!  


Thank you to: Julia Smith,Kalyn Smith, Sophia Dao, Stephanie Pham & Nicole Pham! 


We are also looking for more volunteers to help during the 9am, 10:30 and 12:30 mass!  If you are interested, we offer free training!

Children's Choir
  • Open to all children, Grades 2-8
  • Rehearsals Saturdays 8am-9:15am in church
  • Contact: Vivian Doughty: 562-243-1059 (phone or text)
  • Students join for any/all sessions 
  • Flyer 
Passonfaith Sharing Faith at Home - Passing on the Faith
passing on faith

Adult Faith Formation Opportunities
for you!

  •  Learn more about your faith:
    • Faith Formation Center (a deeper dive into our faith)
      • Be sure to check out the Adult Faith Formation Newsletter for Adult Faith Opportunities!!!  
      • Faith Formation Center Flyer
      • Begins, Thursdays: May 5 - June 25
    • Momnipotent - Find peace, balance & Joy!
      • Is being a mother what you thought it would be? The exhaustion, monotony, mounting unfinished projects, loss of a sense of self ... Too many moms feel disillusioned and overwhelmed.  Join us for this great new Program to support you in your VOCATION as a MOM!  It began on Sunday, Feb 21st at 4pm in the PLC.
    •  Faith Conversations - On Sundays 10:30-11:30 -  Chris Dominquez will lead us in growing in our Faith.  Coffee Bar!
Faith Formation Office 
Location: We are back in the Parish Life Center!
Hours - 8:30-3:30 - Monday-Thursday and Sundays -8:30-12:30pm

May God Continue to Bless your Family with His abundant Peace, Joy and Love!

Nancy Longo
St. Joseph Long Beach
[email protected]