The mission of KLRN is to open a world of lifelong learning through trustworthy and enriching programs on-air, online and in our community.
Dear Families,

At KLRN, our mission is to open a world of lifelong learning through trustworthy and enriching programs on-air, online and in our community. During these times of uncertainty, we continue to look for creative ways to provide learning opportunities for your family while at home. As always, we are proud to be a resource for educators, parents, and caregivers especially during these times when schools are closed and children are home for extended periods of time. Working together, we can navigate these challenging times through keeping young minds in our communities engaged.

We continue to obtain resources from PBS LearningMedia to help the learning at home. You can find many here, and we encourage you to set up a free PBS LearningMedia login to create folders, share ideas online. Need help navigating this awesome resource? Please see the bottom of this page labeled PBS LearningMedia Resources. 

Be sure to visit and connect with us at with anything you would like to learn more about.

With Appreciation,
The KLRN Education Team

Story Book: Elmo’s Math Adventure Read the storybook together and point out how much the Sesame friends love math. Abby exclaims, “Math is fun!,” Bert says, “Math is a blast!,” and Elmo and Grover continue to say that they’re on a “math adventure!”
Children love to move—anywhere, anytime! Physical activity is great for growing bodies and minds. Being active together helps channel kids’ natural energy and keeps them healthy and strong. Review the Read & Move A Move Along Story Book

Watch the video together, then try some of the yoga poses you saw (replay segments as needed). Tell kids that even though yoga is a slow, quiet exercise, it still helps us grow strong and healthy. Point out that kids are building important muscles as they hold these poses.
This bilingual Oh Noah! Family Activity Guide features 16 pages of hands-on fun and educational activities, including movement games, mazes, finger puppets, recipes and more! 

In this Dinosaur Train clip , Dr. Scott the Paleontologist discusses how scientists like him classify animals. He explains that dinosaurs are placed in categories determined by their features.
Elmo Says! Use the cards to encourage movement skills like jumping, hopping, stretching, dancing, stomping, and wiggling.

Moving Our Bodies Ages 2 to 6
Kids don’t need a big outdoor space to move their bodies!
PBS Learning Media
PBS LearningMedia is free and can be used by anyone, but it was designed with teachers in mind. You can use it with the Remind app, Google classroom, and you can even create folders for your own reference and to share with your students, colleagues, and families.

KLRN Educational Blog Post
For the most updated resources for family and educators check out the new KLRN Educational blog post.
Sesame Street in Communities
Every day, you make a difference by helping kids and families grow smarter, stronger, and kinder. Sesame Workshop has created Sesame Street in Communities to support you in this critical work. You’ll find hundreds of bilingual multimedia tools to engage kids and adults in everyday moments and daily routines—from teaching early math and literacy concepts, to encouraging families to eat nutritious foods, to serious topics such as divorce and food insecurity.
The monster Gigabyte returns! The bad guys bring Gigabyte to a remote,Mayan-style pyramid on cybersite Jimaya. The CyberSquad must work their way past a variety of obstacles, and block the rays of the sun before it can energize the metal monster and cause chaos!

Tune in Friday at 6:30 AM and 3:30 PM!
Parents, are you looking for ways to educate your children at home? PBS Learning Media has a robust variety of media to help and it is all free! You can choose from videos, interactive games, activities and TEKS-aligned lesson plans to teach your child at home. You can even mark your choices as favorites and create files to use and share! 

 To help navigate PBS Learning Media and this transition to digital learning, KLRN will be holding 1-hour online training sessions.
Daniel Gets Frustrated: Daniel is staying at home with Mom Tiger today. He really wants to play with Prince Wednesday, but he is visiting his cousin Chrissie. He asks Mom if they can go to Music Man Stan's shop, but they can't because it is closed. Daniel gets really frustrated when it seems like he's unable to do anything he wants to do. With some guidance from Mom, Daniel learns how to work through his frustration. Frustration at School: Daniel and his friends are playing "restaurant" at school and Daniel feels frustrated when he can't find the toy he is looking for. Teacher Harriet helps him realize that the right thing to do is to take a step back and ask for help.

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Bright By Text
KLRN has launched a FREE localized opt-in text message service, Bright by Text. The project engages families from throughout KLRN’s 33-county viewing area!