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Dear Families,

All across the country at Halloween, people are out on the streets, greeting and talking to each other and building relationships, although this year might look a little different. As parents we will have to talk to and explain to our children why this year will be different and mention that although it is different we can continue to be a part of our community. This is a great time to help your children feel a part of the community and learn to be a good neighbor.

Help your child practice being a good neighbor during Halloween with these reminders:

  • Greet each other. 
  • Say thank you. 
  • Respect people’s property. 
  • Look for the light.
  • Don’t take more than what you’re offered. 
  • Be a helper.
  • Continue to take safety measures.

You can find additional resources at, a trusted PBS source. 

KLRN wishes your families a Safe Fall Season.

With appreciation,
KLRN Education Team

(GRADES 3-5)
PreK - 2nd Blog Post
Explore topics such as: Let’s Build, Being Kind, Celebrating Fall, and Let’s Vote with these great PBS resources. 
Sesame Street in Communities
Every day, you make a difference by helping kids and families grow smarter, stronger, and kinder. Sesame Workshop has created Sesame Street in Communities to support you in this critical work. You’ll find hundreds of bilingual multimedia tools to engage kids and adults in everyday moments and daily routines—from teaching early math and literacy concepts, to encouraging families to eat nutritious foods, to serious topics such as divorce and food insecurity.

Today, we suggest checking out Exploring Emotions; this resource will help you provide your child with important tools needed to express all of their emotions.
PBS Resources for Literacy Fun
Some monsters seem scary, some sympathetic, while others can only be described as supremely silly. Whether they’re hiding under the bed, or going bump in the night, monsters may be all around! Get crazy with some monster madness using this list of recommended books for children ages 0-9. 
Healthy Kids
KLRN’s Healthy Kids Project supports healthy lifestyles by influencing eating decisions and physical activities. Through project resources, the audience is introduced to songs, live action movement, animation, and a cast of “perfectly imperfect” characters to deliver key messaging that contrasts healthy choices and attitudes with unhealthy behaviors. Lessons include activities for children ages 0-9 and all school age lessons are aligned to the TEKS. 

Check out Healthy Choices A to Z for a fun list of healthful activities you and your child can do!
Bright by Text
KLRN has launched a FREE localized opt-in text message service, Bright by Text. The project engages families from throughout KLRN’s 33-county viewing area!
Early Childhood Program
Community Resource: R3 Student Outreach
R3 Student Outreach is a faith based agency that provides opportunities, resources and space for youth and young adults to excel in their personal development & academic pursuits.

R3 has opened up tutoring to all grade levels; students can also come daily to work using their WIFI and study space.
Community Resource: San Antonio Public Library
Join the San Antonio Public Library for Story Time Online! Preschoolers will experience stories, songs and rhymes enhancing their social, emotional and language development. Parents and caregivers are invited to stay after the program for some informal conversation in our facilitated breakout rooms.

This online program is recommended for 3-5 year olds.