Junior-Senior High School - Bimonthly Newsletter
Mr. Mike Olson
JH HS Assistant Principal

I am a man of many words. I can speak for an hour with no notes quite easily. As a parent, I’m the king of “see…here’s the thing,” with 19 more “things” to follow. For me, “one last thing” is akin to a plane descending slowly from 10,000 feet onto the runway. As a verbal processor, the question of “what do you think?” can be a fire hose of stories, analogies, and pithy one-liners that don’t always end in a satisfying response. I’ve written 1,500-word JH Nation emails in one shot; literally word one to 1,500 straight through, with just a few edits between the original writing and sending it off.

So on May 20th, 2021, what words of wisdom or inspiration do I have for you?

Nothing. I’m pretty tapped out.

From scripture though, this: “In your steadfast love, give me life, that I may keep the testimonies of your mouth. Forever, O Lord, your word is firmly fixed in the heavens. Your faithfulness endures to all generations; you have established the earth, and it stands fast.” (Psalm 119:88-90)

I’ve been reading Psalm 119 recently, really diving into it. I’ve found incredible delight and joy, and I’d encourage you to give it a daily look. Find peace in who God is and in knowing that He is in charge. I’m leaning into that heavily these days, because I am tired.

Guess I had a word to offer after all. Now, just one last thing…

No School
No School, Memorial Day
Last Day of School for Seniors
If your child tests positive for COVID-19, please call our Attendance Line (425) 460-3321 as soon as possible. If the campus office is closed, please email clydehilloffice@bellevuechristian.org. Delayed notification complicates contract tracing, an essential step in stopping the spread of the virus.  

Providing the school about 1) when symptoms developed, 2) the test date and 3) the results help us meet our notification requirements to King County Public Health. Thanks for your help in keeping us at zero community spread. We are grateful for you!
AP Exams
As you know, the College Board has provided three administration dates for their AP exams this year, rather than the typical one, to provide flexibility as our entire nation has had to adjust during the pandemic. We wanted to make you aware that after the third administration period (June 1-10), the College Board does NOT have dates for makeup tests.

If a student is unable to take their exam after the third administration window for any reason, they will not be able to reschedule and will need to plan to take the exam next year. This is not a BCS decision. While it is unlikely this will happen, we wanted to inform you proactively. If you have any questions regarding AP Exams, please reach out to Kimbra Baker, Dean of Academics, at kimbra.baker@bellevuechristian.org.

The AP Course Examination schedule is as follows:
Senior Check Out and Tech Return
Next week, seniors will be receiving an email from Danielle Lopez with an assigned “senior check out” time along with a list of items that will need to be completed prior to meeting with her.

You can help by making sure your student has returned library books, athletic uniforms and any band or choir materials.

Your senior will receive their cap, tassel and gown at that meeting with important instructions regarding the graduation rehearsal and ceremony. Please be sure to read this over with them.

From BCS Technology Dept

All Seniors - Please backup any OneDrive files you wish to keep by saving them to a personal computer, USB drive, or alternative cloud storage (iCloud, Drive, personal O365, etc.). If you have a school device:
  1. Remove any personal stickers or decals from the device.
  2. Gather the charger and stylus together for checkout.
  3. Return these items to the EIT office (next to the LRC) before June 10.
BCS Graduation Portraits
Senior Parents,

Class pictures will be taken on the morning of June 12 during graduation rehearsal. We will be photographing each student individually and the full graduating class of 2021 as a group. You can order pictures starting TODAY!

If you pre-order your pictures by June 12, you will receive the best group pricing. Prices will go up 20% for orders received after that date.

How to Order:
  1. Click the button on the right and select "BCS Graduation Spring 2021"
  2. Enter with this password: GRAD2021
  3. Select your package and place your order
  4. Write the student's name in the notes section.

If you have questions, please check Vakker's FAQ page: vakker.com/school-faqs or contact them at 425.455.2827 or info@vakker.com.
Friday 5/21 - Last Day to Submit Yearbook Photos!
Seeing photos of our students, coaches, and faculty in action is one of the biggest joys at yearbook release each year. Our yearbook staff would love to use any photos you take. 

Parents and students - if you have any arts, athletics, or activities photos from this school year that you're comfortable with us featuring in the yearbook, you can share them via our photo dropbox! The dropbox link is at the left and also listed at the bottom of this email.

Please submit all photos before 3:00 pm on 5/21.

Thank you so much!
Note from Student Senate
Hey BCS Students! Senate is planning on giving out t-shirts to every grade, and we want your help designing them! Each grade will design its own t-shirt design that incorporates their graduating year! Click below
to submit designs and vote.
Spring JH Musical - Opens Friday!
BCS students and families are invited to join us for Oz on May 21 and 22. This is a witty, comedic reinterpretation of the traditional Wizard of Oz story.

Reeling from her sister's death, Beth suddenly finds herself journeying through a world suspiciously resembling the film The Wizard of Oz. But with the yellow brick road sold to foreign investors after a financial meltdown, the Scarecrow reveling in his ignorant bliss, the Cowardly Lion acting like a paranoid sociopath, and the Tin Man embracing his emotional numbness, Beth wonders what role she plays in this classic story gone awry. This show is a hilarious and heart-wrenching exploration of grief and perseverance on the road to acceptance.

Admission to the show in Greene Commons is free. Please reserve your seat via the button below to attend.

We will also be sharing a livestream of the show through Broadway On Demand (link coming soon!)

BCS is Hiring!
We have several openings in preschool, on our counseling team, and for faculty (all grades) in the upcoming school year.
If you or someone you know would be interested in one of our open positions, learn more and/or apply via the button to the right.
BCS tuition discounts are available to all regularly scheduled employees.
Second Step - Junior High Counseling Curriculum
We are continuing the Social Emotional learning curriculum we have had in place for the last two school years. All 7th and 8th grade students receive Second Step lessons twice per month, delivered by the counseling department in partnership with their classroom teachers. While the lessons are considered social emotional in their content, they are designed with academic development and success in mind. Emotional awareness and regulation, communication skills, and interpersonal skills all impact academic success.
This month/coming month we are teaching the following lessons:

Week of May 17-21: 8th Grade – Mrs. Schmer’s Class – “Speak Up and Start a Movement.” (Learning how to use strategies to disrupt factors that contribute to bullying and harassment.)
Week of May 24-28: 7th Grade – Ms. Steffen’s Class – “Our Rights and Responsibilities” (Reflecting on what we have learned about bullying & harassment – what is and isn’t ok & how students can be advocates for a safe school environment.)
Week of May 31- June 4: 8th Grade – Ms. Fuller’s Class – “Be Inclusive and Change the Policies.” ( Continuing to practice the strategies that disrupt bullying and harassment, and generally how to be a positive, welcoming classmate.)
Week of June 7-11: 7th Grade – Mr. Santos’s Class –– Reflecting on the school year and preparing for the transition to 8th grade. (Non-Second Step lesson developed by the counseling department.)
Week of June 14-18: 8th Grade – Mrs. Schmer’s Class – “High School Challenges.” (Preparing for the transition to High School).
We encourage you to ask your students about these lessons and what they are learning! Much of the content is applicable to home life as well as school success. If you are interested in learning more about the curriculum, please reach out to Mica Winskill directly via email mwinskill@bellevuechristian.org .

Our Jr. High students recently published the latest Viking Chronicle. Click on the link to the right to read more about what's happening around the Clyde Hill Campus.
Viking Parent Group (VPG)

Thank you to all of the parents and guardians who donated to staff appreciation week! We provided a full week of meals, snacks, flowers, handwritten cards, and general love for our staff and teachers.  The VPG is so grateful for your help in showing our staff just how much we appreciate them!

Amy Harrison, VPG Pres
Michelle Ratterree, VPG Vice Pres
Carrie Gesell, VPG Community Ambassador
Last weekend, VPG coordinated parent and staff volunteers to deliver yard signs to the Class of 2021. Way to go seniors!

We have finished our Viking Parent Group meetings for the year and can't wait to connect with you this fall!

Questions or suggestions? Contact our VPG Secretary at vpg@bellevuechristian.org anytime. We are here to help.
Message from Rev. Rogers
Next week, 9th and 12th graders will be given the wonderful opportunity to participate in “The Practicing Faith Survey” from The Kuyers Institute for Christian Teaching and Learning at Calvin University and Cardus Education. The purpose of this survey is to help Christian schools understand their impact on students’ faith formation and look for ways to improve efforts, while helping students to explore their calling as students.
About “The Practicing Faith Survey”
  • Asks students about their learning practices
  • Offers feedback to help them grow as a learner
  • Helps students understand how faith relates to life practices
  • Survey is digital, anonymous and takes 30 minutes to complete
Your student’s teacher and I will follow up to offer support in digesting and exploring the survey results. The survey will also help our school evaluate and track the impact of our current K-12 Bible curriculum, Teaching for Transformation, and other spiritual formation efforts.
Click here if you would like to opt your child out of taking this survey for any reason.
If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to reach out to Rev. Daniel Rogers at daniel.rogers@bellevuechristian.org.
Our Director of Discipleship enhances the Christian discipleship and mentorship taking place at our Clyde Hill Campus and our two elementary campuses.

Click the button to watch this week's Chapel with Rev. Daniel Rogers (aka "Rev").
Student Artists on Instagram

Take a few moments to look at beautiful work by Bellevue Christian student artists! Click on the link below to be connected to BCS Arts, featuring both visual arts & performing arts.

Choral Music
Our Treble Choir and Concert Choir are each creating one, final “virtual choir” project for this year.

We look toward our June Concert to perform a more normal concert with live choral music.

Ensembles will also have other opportunities to sing outdoors as regulations allow us to make more music.

If you have not yet, please check out the Eastshore Music District Honor Choir performance of “Flight Song” by clicking on the image above. Eight members of the BCS choral program were invited to participate! 
Elementary/Junior High Music
Please enjoy this video from our combined elementary and junior high Spring choral program! 

In this virtual concert, you will get to:

  • Hear vocal and instrumental selections from each of the three campuses. 
  • Learn about how teachers have been adjusting the learning process to create meaningful learning experiences in the midst of tricky circumstances.
  • Hear from students about what the music means to them.

The elementary music teachers and I hope that this will be a fun and encouraging peek inside the music program. Access it via the link to the left and feel free to share it with family and friends. Thank you to our students and teachers who participated in this video project.

-Ms. Amy Shockey
Elementary News
Learn more about the learning & fun happening at Bellevue Christian's Preschool-Grade 6 campuses. Below you'll find a link to their most recent family newsletters.
Alumni Stories

Jacob Tomlin, '98

At BCS, he found Christian leaders and teachers who taught him critical thinking, wise decision making, and leadership skills, creating an excellent foundation for what God had in store for his future.

Find out how Tomlin and other Bellevue Christian alumni are living out God's mission for their lives.
Communication & Resources
Regular Communications
We send this family newsletter every other Wednesday (except for holiday breaks). Asst. Principal Mike Olson emails 7/8th grade families a few times a month. Head of School and Principal Adam Hart send email updates on select Fridays during the school year. This infographic also shows how and what we communicate at BCS. If you or another parent are concerned they aren't receiving regular communication from BCS during the school year, please let us know - communications@bellevuechristian.org. In the summer months, the best way to reach staff and faculty is via email. Thank you.

Parent Portal 
Our Parent Portal is your best go-to resource as a parent. If you still have questions, please call our Jr. High / High School Office or email us. If you don't see something there that would be helpful for parents, please let us know. by sending us an email. We are happy to help! 
Get your Viking Gear!
Visit our online Spirit Store stocked with casual clothes, outerwear, and bags.

We have brands such as Adidas, New Era, The North Face, and more. Items come in a range of colors with customizable logo options.
Save money where you shop!

We are liquidating our Scrip program with plans to close it soon.

Scrip is a simple way to pay for your family’s everyday purchases. You can use Scrip gift cards in place of cash, checks, and credit cards at your favorite stores, gas stations, restaurants, etc.

*Discounts for remaining Scrip cards have been increased to 10-25% off!*

As of today, gift cards are available at Haggen's, Disney, Metropolitan Market, Gene Juarez, and more! Check out our remaining inventory to see what great deals you can pick up.
Act fast, as this final inventory will be sold on a first-come, first-served basis by emailing scrip@bellevuechristian.org.
A Look Ahead
5/21-22 - Jr. High Theatre Production
5/22 - Junior-Senior Banquet (JSB)
5/28 - No School
5/31 - No School, Memorial Day

6/1 - VPG Virtual Meeting, 1pm
6/3 - Instrumental Music Concert, 6:30pm
6/7 - High School Awards Ceremony, 7pm
6/10 - End of Year BBQ, 1:30pm
6/10 - Last Day of School for Seniors
6/12 - Graduation Rehearsal & Ceremony
6/14 - 8th Grade Graduation, 7pm
6/17 - Last Day of School K-11

*AP Exams in May & June, see list of dates above or view our 2020-2021 Calendar

Call 24 Hr. Attendance Line:

(425) 460-3321

To leave messages about Late Arrivals, Early Dismissals & Absences

Bellevue Christian School
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