Jr. High/High School - Bimonthly Newsletter
Kimbra Baker,
Dean of Academics

Our family plans for a pandemic season included all of the ambitions of a teacher’s heart. I thought I’d get our ten-year-old to read two books a month, that I’d find Pinterest-worthy science experiments that the kids would enjoy, and that we’d produce an abundant garden full of delicious food. Needless to say, we were just like the vast majority of families in that we simply survived a large chunk of time. When I look back at all the ambitions I had for myself and our family, I quickly became discouraged and overwhelmed with how little I had accomplished. Then one day, as we were tidying up the house, my two elementary aged children cleaned the bathroom, all by themselves. They also emptied the dishwasher without help. And it hit me – my kids have been learning all this time. They were learning the rhythm of a family. They were taking on more responsibilities and doing tasks I otherwise may not have taken the time to teach them in other circumstances. There was abundance in this time of pause and unknowing!

While it’s normal to think that education is school and life is life, all moments are “teachable” moments– whether that be parenting, teaching, administration, Sunday school, youth group, and the list goes on and on. Author John Mark Comer talks about how it is in our human fabric to work and produce goodness both here on earth and someday when we are in heaven. Even in the monotony of organizing a backpack, writing in a planner, or simply taking some moments to think through the strategies and timing of the week, we are teaching kids and learning from each other in more ways than we realize. We are all teachers. And I am so grateful to say that we are in the education of life together. 
Top photos: Vikings volleyball practice 10/20
Bottom photos: Theatre practice for upcoming performance Hamlet "THRILL-MA-GEDDON!"
COVID-19, Flu & Cold Season
As we move into cold and flu season this year, symptoms for either can make it confusing and problematic when deciding whether to send your child to school.

A stuffy or runny nose, fever, headache or nausea, for example, are considered COVID-19 symptoms. If your child presents these or other COVID-19 like symptoms, please follow the guidelines provided by King County Public Health to ensure your child can return safely to school.

Note: The quickest way for a student to return to school after showing symptoms is to have them tested for COVID-19. 

If your family is waiting for test results, please keep your child home until the test results come back.

We appreciate your cooperation to keep students, staff and faculty healthy and safe and your partnership to keep school open. Please take a moment to review the two scenarios you may face this school year:

Scenario 1:

If your child has 1 or more COVID-19 symptom(s) and has tested NEGATIVE, s/he can return to school:

1.   After 24 hours have passed since fever resolved (without medication) AND
2.   Symptoms have improved

If they have close contact of a COVID-19 infected person, and have a negative test result, they still must quarantine for 14 days.
Proof of negative test is required.

Please email proof of the negative test to clydehilloffice@bellevuechristian.org before the child returns to school.

You can find a map of COVID-19 testing sites here.

Scenario 2:

If your child has 1 or more COVID symptom(s) and has tested POSITIVE or had NO TEST: s/he can return to school:

1.   10 days after symptoms started AND
2.   At least 24 hours have passed since fever resolved (without medication) AND
3.   Symptoms have improved

One of the best resources for community members and schools is the "COVID-19 Screening Flowchart." We recommend families print it or save it to reference throughout the year.

The flowchart, and several other helpful COVID-19 resources are available on our COVID-19 webpage. (Flowchart is bottom right on our COVID-19 webpage).

Watch for more updates from Head of School Kevin Dunning and our principals on how BCS is responding to the pandemic while meeting the needs of our students and families.

Questions can be directed to Head of School Kevin Dunning (kevin.dunning@bellevuechristian.org) or Interim Principal Adam Hart (adam.hart@bellevuechristian.org.)
Comedic theatre production coming soon!
This laugh-out-loud parody of Hamlet has characters and basic plot-line of Shakespeare’s masterpiece, but a cash strapped high school theatre troupe mashes it all up with zany plot twists, updated language, and corporate sponsorships. Somehow it all gets spun into crazy comedy. Enjoy watching this readers theatre presentation by BCS Theatre! 

Available for online streaming 10/29 & 10/30.
We will share the link on social media next week. If you haven't "liked" or followed BCS on Facebook, Twitter & Instagram, do so today to stay up to date!
Viking Parent Group (VPG) News
Thank you to all of the parents who joined our VPG Zoom call last week! We were so encouraged by your enthusiasm and care for our campus!

  • Next meeting: 10/27 at 1pm, Harrison Home, 1808 Killarney Way, Bellevue, WA 98004

  • 10/27 Guest Speaker: Tori Berntsen - We are thrilled to have our guest speaker! Tori is a “Positive Behavior and Social Emotional Support Coach.” (PBSES Coach).

  • Share Gratitude: Join us to show our appreciation for the teachers/staff who teach and walk alongside our kids! We will talk about our “Thanks-for-Giving” lunch and Staff Christmas Gifts provided by VPG at our 10/27 gathering. Don't miss out!

  • Big thanks to our Welcome Team for the 2020-21 school year: Deanna Herron, Janice Clark, Carrie Naeseth, Michelle Keller, Rebecca Ortega, Jeanette Peterson, Michelle Ratterree and Amy Harrison! This group helped bless staff and teachers with handwritten encouragement cards which will go out by the end of the month. High five!

Helping Hands Team: This is a group that helps celebrate our staff throughout the year. “Staff Monthly Treats” (formerly known as “Staff Birthdays”). Shout out to Rebecca Ortega for handling October, please see pics! Upcoming Staff Monthly Treats (prepackaged, individually wrapped treats in the teacher’s lounge during the first week of the month!): Amy Harrison will be handling November, Jeanette Peterson will tackle December, Janice Clark is on deck for January, and Julie Sipes has got February covered! Please be aware when selecting snacks that there is now a “no nuts” policy. Let us know if you'd like to help! Thank you all for blessing our teachers.

Parent Empowerment Team: Random questions? Let us know how we can help you, or direct you where to go! Please email us at VPG@bellevuechristian.org (this email address is checked regularly, but only a few times per week by volunteers, so if you don’t hear back immediately that’s why, but you WILL hear back!)

Re: 10/27 meeeting at the Harrison home
From Host & President Amy Harrison:

-I am so excited to host you in person I can barely stand it! The hardest part is not hugging anyone, but I’m slowly getting used to it! :) I wanted to let you know what it’s going to be like so that you know what to expect! We’ll adjust as we need to! :)

-Our plan is to meet on my covered porch by the fire, socially distanced. (See photo above right). I have space heaters, sanitizer, Lysol wipes and disposable masks for your use, as I want everyone to have what they need to feel comfortable! (See pic!) Weather may not permit meeting outdoors, in which case, we will do a poll upon arrival. If the majority are comfortable meeting inside we will do so.

You are welcome to bring coffee/lunch/your own chair/whatever you want! (please leave kids, pets, drugs/or alcohol at home.) 

-Please be aware we will not be “policing” mask usage, nor will we enforce social distancing. 
Covered space at the Harrison Home where VPG plans to meet for in-person gatherings.
New family questions or suggestions? Contact our VPG Secretary at vpg@bellevuechristian.org anytime. We are here to help.

-Please keep in mind that the in-person meeting is not at school, and we have permission to follow an “At your Own Risk/At Your Own Discretion” understanding.

-In the spirit of supporting each other, we ask everyone who attends VPG gatherings to be respectful and kind as we lift each other up in community and support our students and school.

Details about upcoming meetings:

11/3: VPG Meeting-Zoom: Fireside Chat & Guests: Jeff Evenson (Transportation) and Mark DeJonge (Athletics)

11/10: VPG Meeting-In Person: HOLIDAY HACKS!!! Be thinking of 1 or 2 of your very best holiday hacks, We will also finalize our Thanks-for-Giving details and staff gifts.

12/1: VPG Meeting-Zoom: Fireside Chat & Guests: Denise Wilken & Shannon Lindor (our wonderful Clyde Hill Office staff)

12/15 @ 11am-In person: Enjoy boxed lunch and wrap staff gifts.

Zoom link for VPG gatherings

Info: ID: 425 985 9596
Passcode: 212160

The Zoom information will remain the same all school year.
Spirit Store is Open!
 Show your Viking Pride

Our online Spirit Store is stocked with casual clothes, outerwear, and bags. With brands like Adidas, New Era, The North Face, and more, you can wear your school colors with pride. Items come in a range of colors with customizable logo options.

Enjoy free shipping on any order over $150 through Thanksgiving (enter coupon code BCSFF20) and keep an eye out for Christmas shopping specials later this year.
You're invited! Parent Bible Study
All parents and guardians are invited to join our Parent Bible Study starting Thursday, 10/22, 9-11:30am. We will be meeting at a parent home (3.5 miles from the Mack campus in Woodinville), with a Zoom option for those not comfortable with in-person meetings. Parents from all campuses are welcome!

Our fall study will be covered in approximately 20 weeks, and is entitled, “Better: A Study of Hebrews” by Jen Wilkin, “explor[ing] how God “provided something better for us” in the person of Jesus Christ (Heb. 11:40).”

The workbooks are $13.99 plus shipping & tax, and can be purchased directly from a few different sources. You may preview the study by clicking on the book cover to the right. Please contact Theresa Peterhans (tpeterhans@gmail.com) if interested or for more information.
Reminder: Viking Seniors
Dear 2021 Seniors and Parents-

The yearbook staff is excited to begin collecting information for our senior portrait pages! Although we don’t know what changes are ahead for the rest of the 20-21 yearbook in this unprecedented school year, we are certain that the senior pages will remain, as they have in the past, a place for you to be celebrated. To achieve these pages we need your help! If you have not submitted your information already, please read the below instructions AND watch this video.

Seniors, we need you to share your favorite memories, activities, thank yous/shout outs…. Do this by clicking this link and filling out the form on the left side of the page.

Parents, we need you to share a childhood picture and a short message for your student…. Do this by clicking this link and filling out the form on the right side of the page. Please note that you need to upload your message and photo together, so be sure you have both ready before trying to submit.

Seniors and Parents, IF you would like to submit a professional senior photo…. You or your photographer can do this by clicking the link below and filling out the form at the bottom of the page. THIS IS AN OPTIONAL FORM, students can wait and use the photo taken by Vakker whenever we return to in-person learning.

We are hoping to have these submitted by Dec. 11. We also know this year has a tendency to throw us curveballs, so if you have a special circumstance, please email us so we can work with you and make sure every senior is represented well. Questions? Email Yearbook Adviser Mandy Fiechtner (mandy.fiechtner@bellevuechristian.org).
3 & 5
Rescheduled Picture Days

Nov. 3 - Grades 7 & 8
Nov. 5 - Grades 9-12

NEW this year! Online ordering - learn about the process on the Clyde Hill Parent Portal - "Vakker Photography Instructions."
Communication & Resources
Parent Portal 
Our Parent Portal is your best go-to resource as a parent. If you still have questions, please call our Jr. High / High School Office or email us. If you don't see something there that would be helpful for parents, please let us know. by sending us an email. We are happy to help! 
Student Email Accounts 
Students should get in the habit of checking their BCS email regularly. While Teams is a great day-to-day tool for classes, communication outside of the classroom is via email.
Attendance Line (425) 460-3321
Please call our 24-hr attendance line on school days to report an absence, late arrival or early dismissal. If end of school day plans change and you need to get a message to a student or need to dismiss them early, please call before 1pm to give our office staff time to relay the message. You may also email our Clyde Hill office staff - clydehilloffice@bellevuechristian.org. This is a NEW email address parents may use to contact office staff.

If your child will be absent for more than two days, please complete the Planned Absence form.

Please note: If students are learning from home, parents do not need to call the office or attendance line. As long as students are in class, P (present in-person) or PO (present online) then parents do not need to notify the office. If a student is going to be absent, then please leave that information on the attendance line.

Have questions?

Your teachers are happy to help!

Students with technical challenges should consult their teacher first. If they still need help, please open a new tech ticket. Please make sure you select Help Topic "Technology."
Thank you!
A Look Ahead
Week of 10/26 - Spirit Week
10/30 - End of quarter

11/2 - No School, Professional Day
11/3 - Grades 7 & 8 Picture Day
11/3 - General Election Day
11/5 - Grades 9-12 Picture Day
11/11 - Veterans Day
11/12 - Picture Re-takes
11/17 - Early Release Day
11/23-27 - No School, Thanksgiving Break

See full school year calendar HERE.
Call 24 Hr. Attendance Line:

(425) 460-3321

To leave messages about Late Arrivals, Early Dismissals & Absences

Bellevue Christian School
1701 98th Ave. NE, Clyde Hill, WA 98004
(425) 454-4028