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A Client's Progress

Client "AS," a victim of domestic violence, came to Family PASS last summer.

AS had been working Sunday-Thursday and was constantly stressed trying to figure out the logistics of childcare for her three children each Sunday. She frequently had to call out of work,
missing out on a day of pay.  She discussed her situation with her employer who not only switched her to a Monday-Friday job, but increased her wages per hour by a dollar. Now she is able to spend weekends with her children.

She shared that at this time last year she was at a very low point and had been contemplating suicide.
She is also researching a Registered Nursing program. Her current job as a caregiver would afford her time to study while her patients are resting as well as hands on experience that would help her in the nursing field.

As she notes in her story, she's come a long way since then:

AS spent some time with her case manager reflecting on how much she's come in the past year, especially since July when she entered the Family PASS program. She shared that at this time last year she was at a very low point and had been contemplating suicide. AS feels proud of and empowered by the progress she has made in the past seven months and is hopeful and eager to see where she is a year from now.
News and Upcoming Events
Mark Your Calendars 

May 6th: Yard Sale
- The Unitarian Universalist Congregation of Fairfax holds an annual mega yard sale to benefit four nonprofits in the area. This year, Family PASS is honored to be one of those chosen. Proceeds are divided among the four, based on the volunteer hours their supporters log in for the event. Volunteer opportunities are available for the three days leading up to the event - May 3, 4, and 5, and the day of the big event: May 6. Stay tuned for further announcements!

If you can volunteer for one or more of these days, please contact :   

May 18: Second Annual Breakfast Panel on Homelessness
  Northern Virginia Chamber of Commerce
  7900 Westpark Dr. Suite A550
  Tysons, Virginia
  Fee: There is no charge for this program

Family PASS presents its second annual State of Homelessness program, a panel discussion on homelessness in Fairfax with members of  the public-private Fairfax-Falls Church Community Partnership to Prevent and End Homelessness and the business community.

Homelessness in Fairfax is a reality. Most of Fairfax homeless have jobs and are in families.  80% of homeless are women, with a large number being victims of domestic violence. The biggest issue facing them is safe, affordable housing as they struggle to get back on their feet.

Please join us for breakfast and food for thought.

A full program agenda and invitation will be mailed in Mid-March.

2nd Annual Family PASS Golf Tournament - details to follow

Family PASS Anniversary and Annual Meeting
Vienna Oktoberfest - Once again, Family PASS volunteers will man the beer tent at Vienna's Oktoberfest. Date, time and other details to follow.

Matching Grant - Part Two

Again, thank you to all those who helped us make our goal of raising $100,000 in 2016 for the Begun Foundation grant that supports our domestic violence program with Shelter House.  Funding from the grant has allowed Family PASS to increase the number of clients it serves from 31 families in 2015 to 47 families in 2016. 

This year's challenge is even greater.  The Matching Grant is designed to strengthen Family PASS's ability to be self-supporting, much like the goal we have for our clients.

 Last year, every new dollar we raised through the challenge was matched with two dollars. This year it is the reverse: for every two dollars we raise, the Foundation will grant one dollar. That means to receive $100,000 we will have to raise $200,000 in new funding.

As Family PASS  expands its services in the Fairfax community we will host a number of events to support that expansion (see Mark Your Calendars) as we work to meet the  2017 matching grant but we will also turn to the community that has helped us grow and serve our homeless over the past 10+ years - you.

Our since
re appreciation to the following organizations and individuals who supported Family PASS in December and January:

Family Chiropractic Center of Oakton,Rotary Club of Vienna , Church of the Good Shepherd, Good Shepherd United Methodist Church , Inhouse Communications Vienna Presbyterian Church, Talbot's Inc., and

Elisse & David Brunori
Bill & Christy Grossman
Tim & Carol Myers
Michael Waddell
Christine Menza
Natalie & Patrick O'Laughlin
Lori & Joseph Wood
Charles Allen
Charlotte Baker
Charles & Marcia Zuhoski
Barbara Miller
Daniel & Jacqueline Hoyle
Timothy & Diane Naughton
Julie Griscom
Steve & Laura Krich
Irwin & Janet Auerbach
Jeffrey & Shannon Jamison
Robert & Katherine Phillips
Ann & Tim Ramish 
Jane Gurin & Jim Asker
Davis & Cathy Johnson
Lisa Jenkins
Kelli Caputy
Annette Porter
Pamela Rothenbrg
Richard Roberts
Joseph Willis
Judith Weiand
Rebecca Eckerman
Laurie Mennel
Katie Webb
Jodi Delgado
Lyda Marie Newsome
Catherine Matchette
Pia Pell
Melissa Hecht
Jennifer Hines
Francine Vitek
Amy Smith
Cathy Ann Lamey
Gay Campbell
Maxine Eber
Dana Stover

Linda Prather
Kirk Denee & Cheryl Graczyk

Ed Baranoski & Jill Crisman

Remember, Family PASS's Friends in Deed volunteer group is looking for people who would like to help out with our clients' occasional special needs. If you are interested in learning more, our FAQ is located here.  To sign up, send an email to  
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