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Fairfax Homeless Count Down 47% Since 
Start of County Program

Fairfax County's Office to Prevent and End Homelessness (OPEH) just release the 2017 Point in Time* homeless count that shows total number of homeless, both single adults and individuals in families, is down nine percent to 964 vs 1059 in 2016.

The total count of homeless is down 47% from figures first gathered in 2008 when the homeless count total was 1835.  In 2008 there were 1091 homeless individuals in families. In 2017 that number was 474, a 43% decrease.

This year's figures show:
  • People in families decreased 18 percent (103) and the number of families (36 fewer families) decreased by 36% compared to a year ago. However,
  • People in families still account for 49% of the total count of homeless individuals with 143 families or 474 individuals homeless out of the total count of 964.
  • The primary reduction in homelessness from 2016 to 2017 was in families who moved into transitional housing. There were 114 families in 2016 vs 56 in 2017, representing a change of 177 individuals.
Other changes:
  • 57% of adults in homeless families were employed, a decreased from the 66 percent in 2016.
  • The number of families homeless due to domestic violence decreased from 87 families in 2016 to 60 in 2017.
  • 80% of homeless in families are female.
  • Families residing in emergency shelters increased from 64 families in 2016 to 86 in 2017.
The report cites several consistent measures that have steadily driven down the numbers over the 9 years the count has been in place:
  • A housing first approach
  • Prevention and Rapid Rehousing
  • Prioritizing the needs of the chronically homeless
  • Continued development of a unified approach across  the homeless services system
  • Countywide contracts with specific goals
The  Fairfax-Falls Church Community Partnership to Prevent and End Homelessness members, including Family PASS, work closely with the  Office to Prevent and End Homelessness (OPEH) to move families into housing, provide the services and opportunities to increase earnings and bring those numbers down again for 2018.

For a complete breakdown of the Point in Time figures click here.

*The Point in Time count is mandated by the federal agency HUD which uses those figures to gauge community needs for federal funding, especially for housing.
Family PASS Annual State of Homelessness Program May 18th

Is your Help Desk guy sleeping in his car? Was your sous chef a no-show?  Are your children's friends washing up at McDonald's before school?  Is your childcare teacher sleeping in a shelter? Do you know if it's safe for your colleague to go home at night?  Does your high school basketball coach even have a home? You'd be surprised. 

In 1992, Presidential candidate Bill Clinton appealed to voters with "it's the economy stupid."   In 2017, when talking about homelessness, "it's the housing."  While the Point in Time count gave us some good news, we are still far short in terms of available affordable housing units in Fairfax. Please join us in a discussion on how a lack of affordable housing impacts the working homeless, low income families and our workforce, our community and our schools.  This program will also explore what proposed federal budget cuts could  mean to low income and homeless families a year or two down the road.

WHAT Annual Breakfast on Affordable Housing, Low Income Families 
     and the Homeless
WHEN Thursday, May 18th
WHERENorthern Virginia Chamber of Commerce, Baker-Tilly room

7:30 Networking and Continental Breakfast                    
8:00 Welcoming Remarks
8:15 Panel Discussion                                       
9:15 Q & A

Moderator: Kathy Albarado, Founder and CEO of Helios HR, Member, Northern Virginia Chamber Board of Directors

  • Vincent Rogers, Director of Housing and Community Development, Fairfax County  Redevelopment and Housing Authority
  • Thomas Barnett, Program Director, Office to Prevent and End Homelessness, Fairfax County
  • John Sekas, President, Sekas Homes, Member Governing Board, the Fairfax-Falls Church Partnership to Prevent and End Homelessness
  • Danielle Colon, Director, Domestic Violence Service, Shelter House
  • Kathi Sheffel, Social Worker Liaison, Fairfax County Public Schools

More Good News 

Three clients who entered the Family PASS program via our Domestic Violence Survivor collaboration with Shelter House are about to exit our program.

Mary* will exit in May. She has been working on literacy proficiency, has moved into an aff ordable unit where she and her neighbors take turns babysitting as she looks for a second job.

S arah* is also leaving in May. She has accepted a new position that provides both medical and dental benefits, a 401k plan and paid vacation days.  She is considering  re-enrolling and finishing her degree.

Amy*, who we reported on in the last issue, has accepted a new position, now gets weekends off and is working on her LPN. She leaves our program in June.

*names changed to protect confidentiality.
Seventh Graders Host Lenten Dinner for Family PASS

The whole crew of these amazing 7th graders ready to serve their parents.
Last year Caroline McMahon, then a sixth grader at St. Mark Catholic School, decided she wanted to follow in the footsteps of her big brothers, Kevin and Michael, by hosting a dinner for charities selected by the her fellow student/chefs.   Family PASS was one of those selected.  This year, the now seventh-graders, raised over $4000!  They invited Family PASS to come and talk about what we do and where we would spend their money.  They are not only resourceful but mindful that hard earned donation dollars need to be spent with respect for those who donated. Although all the young people are students at St. Mark, it is a friends-generated event, not a school one.  The event, called the Lenten Dinner, is completely run by the students, who chose the menu, arranged the flowers, cook and served the meal to their parents.  In exchange, parents were asked to make a donation to the student's charity of choice.

AND SO a big THANK YOU to students: Caroline McMahon, Natalie Becht, Melanie Boyle, Samantha Brohoski, Maya Koebke, Emily Martin, Sophia Laubner, Erin Garvert, Bella Bray, Grace Magowan, Claire Machi, Nate Sousa, Raul Cancho, Eli Trax, Tom Katsakos, Burke Carroll, Ethan Norman and Norman Boykin.

Caroline McMahon (left) with Emily Martin

And to their parents for raising these amazing, thoughtful young people: Stephanie & Chris McMahon, Karen & Bill Brecht, Kelly & Joel Boyle, Cindy & Pete Brohoski, Lynn & Mark Koebke, Jennifer & Rich Martin, Terri & Jimmy Garver, Karen & Mike Bray, Terianne & Randy Sousa, Jennifer & Steve Trax, Anastasia & Steve Katsakos, Annie & Paul Norman, Michelle & Jimmy Boykin, Angelika & Mark Machi and Consuela & Modesto Cancho.

To see more fun pictures click here and here for pictures of pre-event prep and day of event.

Why We Need Your Donated Cars

Vehicles for Change, the program we have relied on for low-cost vehicles for our clients recently changed funders and can now only serve individuals who receive Temporary 
Assistance for Needy Families (TANF). TANF provides federal funds for temporary (6 months) assistance.  Some of our clients would be eligible but, in order to qualify for TANF, our clients would be required to pursue child support. Many of our clients are domestic violence survivors who do not want to endanger themselves or their children by legally forcing their abuser to pay child support. That means our clients have to choose between their safety or a working vehicle....  So if you have a car that you would like to donate, please contact  our offices at 730-242-6474 and let us know.  
Upcoming Events

May 3, 4, 5 and 6 - UUCF Yard Sale - Volunteers Needed

The Unitarian Universalist Congregation of Fairfax has invited Family PASS to participate in their Annual Yard Sale on May 6th, 2017.   The proceeds from the yard sale will be divided between UUCF Social Justice Council, Family PASS, NAMI Northern Virginia and The Shepherd Center of Oakton/Vienna.  The UUCF is located at 2709 Hunter Mill Rd, Oakton.   
This is where we need your help!
The amount each non-profit receives will be based on the number of volunteer hours each organization volunteers. The more hours we volunteer the more funds Family PASS receives!  I hope you'll be able to spare a few hours. Volunteers are needed to help organize and price the yard sale items.  

Volunteers can sign up for shifts between 9:00 AM and 8:00 PM on May 3rd, 4th & 5th and 6:30 AM to 4:00 PM on May 6th.
Please sign up for a shift at:  UUCF Yard Sale Volunteers . Check the date, shift and department you prefer.   When you hit the submit button it will show you the slot(s) you've volunteered for and will ask you who your hours should be credited to.  Type in Family PASS
As a way of thanking you for your time, all volunteers will be allowed to purchase items prior to the yard sale.  All sales are cash only.  
Thank you for your continued support of Family PASS.  If you have any questions, please contact Patti Cooksey at
May 18 - Family PASS Annual Breakfast Program
                 7:30-9:30 am
                 Northern Virginia Chamber of Commerce
                 Baker-Tilly Room
                 7900 Westpark Drive #A550
September 25:  Save the Date:  Family PASS Golf Outing, 
                             Westfield's Golf Course, Clifton.
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