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July 2016
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Happy Summer! We've streamlined our newsletter format to update you on news  you can use. We hope you find it useful. From all of  us at Family Pathfinders, have a safe and wonderful  4th of July!

Family Pathfinders Staff
Not impossible, I'mPossible
 by Sydney Friedrichs 6/22/16
Embarking on a journey to sobriety within the criminal justice system presents many obstacles, struggles, and sometimes barriers. With hard work, determination, and the support of our wonderful mentors and staff, we had several clients graduate from Drug Court on Thursday June 16th. What an accomplishment! Not one of our clients said it was easy, but every client said it was worth it. CJ, 54 years old, in and out of prison since his early 20's, entered our program in October of last year. On graduation day the judge handed CJ his certificate, congratulated him, and then offered CJ the floor.  CJ thanked his counselors, probation officer, and even the judge, but said he gives most of his credit to his perseverance and to Family Pathfinders for offering him hope and support, something he said he has never had. When we go on a journey of our own or when we support someone else on their journey, we grow, we learn, and we accomplish our goals.                  

In the study below, Jean Rhodes discusses how new studies show that mentoring plays a vital role in helping to reduce rejection sensitivity. Research and theory suggest that enduring supportive mentoring relationships may help rejection sensitive youth gain confidence and trust in relationships. Rhodes further explains that, by acting as a sounding board and providing a model for interpretation of perceived slights and effective communication, mentors can help young adults better understand, more clearly express, and more effectively regulate both their positive and their negative emotions. 
Texas Loan Trend: $500 Payday Loan Costs $1,300 to Repay as the CFPB Today Outlines New Federal Rules to Regulate the Industry
 Texas Fair Lending Alliance 6/2/2016
Currently borrowers in Texas often pay high fees and struggle to pay down the loan's principal. In Texas, payday loans average around 500 percent APR, and car title loans average over 200 percent APR.The Texas Fair Lending Alliance (TFLA), a coalition of organizations working to ensure small-dollar loans are fair financial products, is optimistic that these rules will help ensure borrowers can repay their loans and avoid falling into a pernicious cycle of debt.

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Please forward this newsletter to family and friends who are interested in becoming mentors. We have many wonderful opportunities in mentoring for those looking for a meaningful volunteer experience.

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