Family Pathfinders
August 2016
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The summer months are heating up in more ways than one, with some new community partnerships sharing in the Family Pathfinders  mission  and some great opportunities to become involved with the community.  
From all of us at Family Pathfinders, we hope you are having a safe and wonderful summer!
August Posts
Neiman Marcus, a Touch of MagicLead
Thank you Neiman Marcus, Olga Aishie and Sandra Christopher, for donating your resources and talents to provide makeovers for our clients. You made the day magical for our mentees with your kindness and generosity.

Trinity Valley School 2016 Community Partners ProgramSecond
Trinity Valley School, along with Once Upon a Time and The Greatest Gift Catalog Ever, created the Community Partners Program (CPP) to prepare students for civic leadership in philanthropy and community service. Students discuss non-profits in small groups to learn about the types of services offered by different organizations and to begin developing questions to guide discussion among themselves and with community leaders. The students of Trinity Valley School 2016 Community Partners Program elected to fund Family Pathfinders to further our mission.
Follow-Up on CFPB Abusive Practice Small Dollar Loans and What ThirdConsumers Can Do 
The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau's long-awaited proposed regulations aimed at curbing the most abusive practices of the small dollar lending industry were released last month. The centerpiece of proposed rule is to ensure a borrower has the ability to repay and standards to verify income, basic living expenses and major financial obligations. Types of loan products covered are Payday loans, Car Title loans, high cost installment loans and Deposit Advanced products offered by banks. Interested consumers can voice their opinions and concerns through social media, call on members of Congress, and target traditional media with Op-Eds. You can submit a comment to CFPB at until September 14, 2016 or share your story at
Sharing the Journey
Wednesday September 21, 2016
12:00-1:30 P.M.

The 2016 Sharing the Journey Luncheon will feature guest speaker Courtney Collins. Ms. Collins is the lead reporter for the KERA series "One Crisis Away" about life on the financial edge, and her stories reflect the circumstances in which many of our clients find themselves.  One of our reentry clients, Keri Shelton, will also speak at the luncheon. She will share her transcendent story of a life of addiction and incarceration to one of sobriety, faith and self-sufficiency.  If you are interested in attending, please contact Nicole Vasquez at
Save the Date Thursday September 22nd to Join the Party!Fith
We have exciting changes to reveal to you on this year's North Texas Giving Day.
We are excited to participate in this year's eighth annual North Texas Giving Day! North Texas Giving Day is an annual one-day fundraising event in which you can give online through between 6am and midnight.Donations received on Giving Day will be supplemented with bonus funds from the Communities Foundation of Texas and will be used to further our mission of empowering families and individuals to attain self-sufficiency. In recognition of this day and to share some exciting news, we will be hosting a come and go party on Thursday September 22nd, from 8:00am-10:00am, at the Family Pathfinders office.
We hope you'll join in this community-wide day of philanthropy and benevolence.
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Please forward this newsletter to family and friends who are interested in becoming mentors. We have many wonderful opportunities in mentoring for those looking for a meaningful volunteer experience.