Dec. 28th, 2016
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American College of Pediatricians
Resolutions for a Healthier, Happier Family
1. Eat one more family meal a week with at least one more serving of fruits or vegetables a day. If last year you could only have dinner as a family twice a week, this year aim for 3 times.

2. Engage in physical activity as a family at least once a week. Go to the park or take a walk. 

3. Set aside time away from technology each day to spend time talking together as a family, whether you can only commit to 15 minutes or to an entire hour. During dinner at the table or right before bed, give everyone an opportunity to share how his or her day went--children and parents.

Spending quality time and practicing healthy habits together as a family promotes optimal physical and mental health--for children and adults alike!

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Family Activities for Winter Break Fun  # WeeklyBlogPost
As Winter Break continues for many American children, parents may find it difficult to keep kids active and away from TV, cell phone and computer screens.

Planning fun, family-centered activities can spice up your child's Winter Break and promote family bonding in the process.

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