You still have time to register for our PCCNA REUNION, scheduled for February 23–25, 2022, in Jacksonville, Florida. Come join your Pentecostal-charismatic family as we . . .

  • Return to Great Commandment love.
  • Reclaim our calling to the Great Requirement.
  • Reignite our faith to fulfill the Great Commission.

We will be encouraging proper protocols for the onsite events while offering live stream or virtual options for those dealing with travel limitations or challenging health conditions. 
Southbank Hotel
Jacksonville Riverwalk
$139 per night plus tax
Some certificates of tax exemption may be accepted.
HURRY! Group rates end February 1, 2022.
Highlighting Conference Guests
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Shaila Visser is the National Director of Alpha Canada and the Global Senior Vice-President for Alpha International. She has a heart for people coming to know Jesus and is passionate about helping the local church flourish. She is a gifted communicator, who is known for her strategic leadership as well as her ability to bring people together.
Dr. William M. "Billy" Wilson is the fourth president of Oral Roberts University and global co-chair of Empowered21. He is instrumental in developing Spirit-empowered leaders through whole-person education to impact the world. Dr. Wilson is a sought-after Bible communicator whose weekly television program, World Impact with Dr. Billy Wilson, inspires viewers in more than 150 nations and multiple languages.
Jason Earls is a gifted storyteller, comedian, actor, and author with the unique ability to connect to the heart of ALL people. A husband and father hailing from Portsmouth, VA, Jason is on a mission: He doesn’t live to make you laugh; he makes you laugh to help you live!
Jeff Deyo is a worship leader, author, pianist, songwriter, speaker, and professor. He is known internationally as the former lead singer of the Grammy-nominated, Dove Award-winning group, Sonicflood, and he lives to help people grow closer to God.
Celebrating a Life Well-lived
Former AG Superintendent Dies
Former Assemblies of God general superintendent George Oliver Wood died January 12 after a four and a half month struggle with stage four cancer . . .
Wood left office in 2017 as the fourth longest-serving leader out of the 13 general superintendents of the Missouri-based U.S. Assemblies of God, which is now in its 107th year.

Wood, who spent the last years of his life in Ozark, Missouri, kept busy after leaving the general superintendent’s post. Since 2008, he had been chairman of the World Assemblies of God Fellowship, the world’s largest Pentecostal body, with more than160 member countries representing 70 million adherents. He likewise continued to serve, as he had since 2014, as global co-chairman of Empowered21, a movement bringing together Pentecostal leaders working for all to have a Holy Spirit encounter. Read more >>>
George O. Wood
September 1, 1941–January 12, 2022

Recently, AG General Superintendent Doug Clay had a chat with Dr. Wood. Read the interview HERE. View video interview on Facebook HERE.
Your Late Start Can't Stop God
Encouraging Words from Sam Rodriguez
Even when you have seen the Lord do unbelievable, amazing, incredible, miraculous things in your life, you may still be tempted to make excuses that prevent you from experiencing all He has for you. Even when your anointing has facilitated miracles in the lives of others, you may still balk when the next opportunity occurs. Even when you are dedicated and committed in all areas of your life to serving God, you may still feel weary, shaken, or uncertain that you have heard correctly . . .

God empowers and blesses those who hear Him, believe Him and trust Him with every area of their lives. No matter what you might be facing, it is time to tuck in your cloak and run faster.
Balance Is Critical
Inspiring Challenge from Josh Grimes
When life gets out of balance in any area, it causes an abundance of problems. However, when we get out of balance spiritually, it can be disastrous. Spiritual balance does not happen naturally; it can occur only through purposeful discipline! 

God has called us to be and to make disciples of Christ, not just converts or believers (Matthew 28:19-20). Believers will believe as long as the belief fits their narrative, and converts will stay converted as long as it is convenient and not complicated. On the other hand, true disciples of Christ become new creations willing to die for their faith. Disciples are MADE, not born!
2022 January Communique

Josh Grimes
serves as the executive director for Open Bible Church’s East Region.
He Hears Her Voice
Soon to Be Released by Candy Marballi
“Teach us to pray,” was the humble request of Jesus’ disciples more than two thousand years ago and remains the heart cry of many of His followers today. Declaring the promises of God through prayer can lead to untold blessings and opportunities. He Hears Her Voice is a prayer strategy that offers proven steps to guide you to a richer and deeper relationship with God. One prayer comprised of ten unshakable truths (grace, love, compassion, repentance, worship, commitment, dependence, influence, discipleship, and authority) will empower your prayer life.
2022 January Communique
Candy Marballi serves as President and CEO of the Prayer Covenant and leads the Children’s Task Force for Go Movement.
The Blessing Day
Legacy Minded Men Resources
The church’s greatest untapped resource is its men. The Blessing Day will tap into this resource like nothing else by exhibiting the power of the blessing! It will change men. It will change their children. Their families. And the church! But it must be done with intentionality. Find out how easy it is to host a Blessing Day at your church! Everything you need is provided FREE of charge, with instructions. Are you ready for a spiritual revolution in your men!!

Legacy Minded Men is teaming with author John Trent (The Blessing), The Fatherhood CoMission, and Show Me The Father, the latest movie from the Kendrick Brothers (War Room, Courageous, Fireproof, Overcomer), to spearhead this all-important effort to restore the ceremonial blessing to the church and empower men to assume their Godly roles in the world.
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