There are two kinds of family reunions...planned and unplanned. Planned reunions are either regularly scheduled or sporadic. Unplanned ones normally revolve around a happy event (like a wedding) or a sad one (like a funeral). No matter what, most family reunions (or at least the ones I've been to) involve lots of hugs, catching up, laughter and tears. Despite the stress that is sometimes involved, one often leaves heart-full! That was certainly the case with the reunions we experienced in the past month or so!
Free Methodist Church (IML in Spanish) Family Reunions
Guatemala: The first annual meeting of the Guatemala mission district was almost like attending a wedding. People came from all over Guatemala, Colombia, Mexico, and the USA to celebrate the long-awaited marriage of Guatemala into the IML Latin America family. New Mission District Leader, Pra. Hector Escobar, and his wife, Pra. Marissa, have lead a vibrant network of churches that is transforming individuals, families and the society! Talk about full hearts!
Colombia: When we moved to Colombia in 2013, there were two IML churches in the country. Last month we celebrated that the IML is now present in 20 different locations!! We also celebrated Pr. Libni Gasca's service as the Mission District Leader for more than 25 years and commissioned Pr. Thad Roller to lead the district into the future that God is preparing. Colombia's newest missionaries, Shane & Katie Jewell and their kids, were welcomed into the Colombian branch of the IML family! We were delighted that Juliana & Andrea Tinsley could join us at this reunion and we all left heart-full!
Nicaragua & El Salvador: Ricardo traveled alone to Nicaragua but the delegation that received him filled his heart with joy. Pra. Jenny Orozco has done a great job of bring structure and organic growth to the IML in Nicaragua & El Salvador. The two ICCM sponsored schools there serve over 750 kids and are having a lasting impact for Christ. Pray for projects to expand the schools and pray for emerging leaders who multiply the family in these struggling countries.
Extended Family Reunions
Ricardo's role on the Asbury Board of Trustees required a trip to Kentucky. The timing happily coincided with Beth's sister and brother-in-law's (Anita and Dale) trip to Kentucky for anther meeting (they are missionaries in Guatemala). Due to conflicting schedules, we thought we would have one morning to spend together...but God had other plans.
Our Uncle Stan Harding, a former pastor and great man of God, passed away a few days before our trip. Previous plans were changed to allow Beth, Anita, Dale and Dad to drive together to Chicago to attend the funeral. What a blessed time we had of reminiscing, remembering and rejoicing over Uncle Stan's life as we were reunited with sister, Karen, most of our cousins and our remaining aunts and uncle. God gives good gifts, His timing is always perfect, and our hearts were filled to overflowing!
The final reunion was with Jonathan...we traveled to Western Kentucky in order to see him as he played in a soccer tournament. Once again our hearts were filled to see him so well adjusted and as we got to know a few of his friends on the team. He is doing well in school and enjoying being part of his uncle's family. This also warms our hearts!
As fall arrives, our hearts often turn to the reunions we hope to have over the upcoming holidays. In many cases, we also begin to plan for the next year. As you prepare and plan, we invite you to prayerfully consider continuing or increasing your commitment to financially support our ministry or to become a new financial supporter in 2023. So far, only 17% of next year's support has been committed. Please register your commitments using the button below...
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Your presence in our lives and your participation in our ministry also fills our hearts with joy! We pray that you will see our Precious Heavenly Father's hand in the reunions that He organizes for you.

Many blessings,
Ricardo & Beth Gómez
What's Next ?
We have a lot of upcoming reunions... Please pray with us for each of the upcoming events. Also pray for Jon's first solo travel experience, and Juliana as she is home alone when we are in Costa Rica.
This weekend: General Conference in Mexico where they are electing a new Bishop. Please be in prayer!

Oct. 1-8: Jonathan comes home for fall break!

Oct. 7-9: Annual Meeting in Honduras

Oct. 11 - 17: Impact Latin America & Impact Middle
East meet in Costa Rica

Oct. 17 - 21: Area Directors & Bishops retreat in Costa Rica

Oct. 21 - 23: Joint Annual Mtg of 360 and Costa Rica Mission Districts in Costa Rica

Oct. 25-27: Asbury Global meets with Latin American Seminary Leaders in Costa Rica. Ricardo will be one of the facilitators.