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November 2018

I also once heard someone say, “A healthy community is built on healthy churches, and healthy churches are built on healthy families.” There is so much truth to that quote, and we as a Church do all we can to help our families grow strong and healthy. Every first Sunday of the month we host what we call, “Family Sunday”. It is a service especially geared toward children. We try to engage them in several ways: helping the ushers in greeting at the door, praying for and taking up the offering, singing or playing on the worship team, or singing or playing a special song. We also try to have a quiz for the kids or a special illustration before the sermon as an introduction for the kids on the main point of the sermon, and we hand out color pages to go along with the theme to keep them engaged and focused. If we can help the children feel like they are apart of us (not a distraction that is shut up in another room so that parents can focus) they are more likely to stay (not leave) as they become teens and young adults. 

It is a wonderful thing to see our youth growing in the Lord and using their talents to glorify him. The same week that we launched our youth church, the youth decided to form their own band. We were so pleased with their heart to worship that we had them lead worship for Family Sunday this month.

You can watch a short video clip here: We are truly blessed in our youth!

... is doing well. For those of you who don’t know, we enrolled Filip into a Croatian trade school this year. His dream is to one day write and direct movies. We found a media trade school near by us that will teach him photography, sound, video and graphic design along with the regular high school subjects. He has been doing well in his studies and truly enjoying all that he is learning there. Our other children: Luka (14), Divna (13) and Vjera (11) are still home schooling with Bonnie. Having one kid in Croatian school and the rest at home has been an adjustment for all of us, but God is good and has given us creativity to make it work. Please, continue to be in prayer with us that we would see an increase in our monthly support. The emigration crisis here in Croatia has impacted everyone financially, but we know that our God will and always does provide. Thank you for all of your faithful prayers and support.

We pray you all have a wonderful and blessed Thanksgiving! 
Croatian Evangelistic Outreach