Family Update
July 10, 2020
Dear Friends,

Happily, our residents remain healthy and Covid-free.

Outdoor visits are gaining in popularity and receiving favorable responses. Thank you for following protocol, which is so important to the well-being of our residents.

We are now serving lunch and dinner to small groups of residents twice a week per resident in the dining room. One day the group will go for lunch, and another day that same group will go for dinner. This allows us to cohort residents, keep the groups small, and ensure residents get the socialization, nutrition, and hydration that goes along with enjoying a meal with peers. For the rest of the week's meals, residents are still being treated to room service.

Additionally, small group activities are occurring twice per day. MerriAnne has reinstated a weekly activity schedule so residents know what is available. So far, we have had very enthusiastic participants for Trivia, exercise, and BINGO.

Lastly, while sad for us, our Business Office Manager, Cat Brainerd, has a great opportunity out in Michigan, so she will be leaving us on July 24th to embark on her next adventure. Laura Ashe will be taking over her role. Please join us in wishing Cat "Farewell," and a wholehearted "Welcome" to Laura.
Remember, we offer outdoor visits in addition to window visits and FaceTime/Zoom calls. Please schedule visits with Recreation:

Merri Anne Larensen, Director of IL/AL Recreation, can be reached at  or by calling 860-345-3774.

Susan Judge, Director of Safe Harbor Recreation, can be reached at  or by calling 860-345-3779.
Thank you!
Thank you for your continued patience, support, and understanding. As always, please reach out to us with any questions or concerns.
Be Well & Stay Safe!