April 1, 2021
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Upcoming Calendar Reminders
April 8: Virtual State Leadership Conference Business Session
April 12: Virtual State Leadership Conference Registration closes
April 22: Virtual State Leadership Conference
April 30: National Qualifiers must be registered

State CDE Timeline
April 2: Career Development Events Uploads (1 PDF and 1 URL)
April 29 - April 8: Online CDE Testing
April 5 - 12: Online CDE Evaluations
April 20: CDE Awards Session Live
This year Ohio FCCLA members and advisers will have an opportunity for high level, quality leadership experiences through viewing National Programs, Career Pathways, Red Talks, Spotlight on Projects and CDE’s. In addition, our Keynote Speaker: Eddie Slowikowski will provide two leadership opportunities for members to participate. In addition, there will be recognition of chapter and members accomplishments and meet the new Executive Council members. Registration closes April 12.

Sneak Peak to Virtual State Leadership Conference Platform
Virtual Business Session
April 8 at 7:00 P.M.
We will be using an online voting platform called Election Runner. All voting delegates will receive the ballot at the beginning of the Business Session. Items of Business will be accepting the minutes from last meeting, voting on state dues, Regional and State Executive Councils elections. The Zoom link and additional voting details will be sent to the adviser by April 7, 2021
Eddie Slowikowski 
Live Thursday, April 22 at 1:00 P.M.
All registered chapters will receive the Zoom link for the keynote the week of Virtual State Leadership Conference. For those who cannot attend the live session we will record the session and it will be placed on the platform under Keynote.
EVERFI has a Suite of Personal Finance
Financial Literacy Month is just a week away and a great time to engage students in engaging content and important conversations to prepare them for their financial futures. Do Ohio teachers have lesson plans to recognize the month? 

To make planning easy, EVERFI has a suite of personal finance, supplemental programs available at no cost for 4-12th grade educators. All digital programs can be completed as asynchronous or blended learning and include automatically graded pre and post assessments. Plus, our resources can help address Public Act ORC 3133.603, the financial literacy graduation requirement! Brief descriptions for some of the programs: Quick Start Guide
Ensuring Career Technical Assurance Guide (CTAG) College Credit

In response to House Bill 67, the Ohio Department of Higher Education and the Ohio Department of Education are providing the attached guidance for Career-Technical Assurance Guide (CTAG) credit for junior and senior students who have the ability to use the course grade if advantageous for the student after taking the end of course assessment or if access to the course assessment is not available. 

The Ohio Department of Higher Education, working closely with our partners at the Ohio Department of Education and other stakeholders, developed this guidance to ensure that secondary Career-Technical Education junior and senior students remain eligible for the CTAG credit. 

The guidance is consistent with our philosophy that, as much as possible, students should be held harmless when their studies have been disrupted by the unprecedented actions taken to ensure the safety of Ohioans during the COVID-19 crisis. Additional information will be forthcoming regarding how this policy will fit into the Career-Technical Articulation Verification (CTAV) process. Please feel free to contact either one of us if you have additional questions or suggestions as together we strive to serve the students of Ohio.

Questions contact Matthew Winkle.

WebXam Tests – Retake Policy Change
The Ohio Department of Education and WebXam are pleased to announce that WebXam tests now may be retaken in the same school year by graduating seniors after allowing for additional instruction time. This change enhances opportunities for students to demonstrate technical skill attainment for the purpose of graduation and report cards. The policy for WebXam same-year retakes include:
  • Graduating seniors may retake most WebXam tests once in their final school year;
  • A retake must be scheduled at least 30 days after the original assessment was performed;
  • Field tests may not be retaken due to the length of the tests and earlier closing of the field test window.

Additional information regarding WebXam can be found on the Career-Technical Education Assessment webpage or contact Matt Winkle.

New High School CDA 
Join the Council for Professional Recognition on April 14th 4 P.M.-5 P.M. (EST) for a kickoff to celebrate and discuss high school CDA programs. We’ll also introduce our new hot-off-the-press publication titled Handbook for High School: A Guide to Advocacy and Implementation. Register Now
Teaching Positions

OATFACS Awards Nominations
Can you please take five minutes to nominate your deserving fellow FCS teachers for the Awards being given by the Ohio Association of Teachers of Family and Consumer Sciences. This has been a challenging year and I can think of no better way to salute our hard working FCS teachers than to nominate them for an award. Awards will be presented at the Annual OATFACS Summer Conference. I can't wait to see you all there and network with each of you on how to continue the awesomeness of FCS!!!

Discover Parenting 2021 - Photo Entry Deadline April 15th
You can submit photos in our original Safe and Responsible Parenting category or in the New Special Topics category. There are prizes to fit this category in the same amounts. Some students may wish to submit in both categories.

New Prize for Teachers/Advisors: An inducement to encourage teacher participation in 2021 OATFACS conference and Discover Parenting. We are adding a drawing for participating DP teachers, of one $250.00 “extras” prize to help support your attendance that could be applied to hotel, transportation or anything needed to support participation in the OATFACS conference. Teachers must enroll and participate in Discover Parenting, and must register and attend the conference to win! If there is an in-person conference! For more information about Discover Parenting go to the Discover Parenting Page. For details about the contest click Details about the Contest If you would like a teacher registration form, click Teacher Registration Form Please be sure to fill out a Photo Entry Form for all photos entered into the contest.
State Office Phones
State Office telephones have been forwarded to our computers. If you need
to talk to Cheryl Hamblin, call 614-466-5718 or Mary Jo Kohl, call 614-644-6333.
Watch Ohio FCCLA website for specific details.
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