November 21, 2019
Ohio Family and Consumer Sciences Newsletter
November 30 - State Project: Ohio School Breakfast Challenge Application due
December 15 - Career Development Events registration closes
Professional Development
November 26 - Supervisors Meeting , Ohio FFA Center
December 11 - Professional Development Workplace Success Workshop , Ohio FFA Center
Career Development Information
Advisers, please remember if you have any outstanding invoice with Ohio FCCLA or have not paid your affiliation invoice you will be blocked from registering for Career Development Events until the invoice(s) in question have been paid in full.

This year the fee for all Career Development Events has increased to $70.00 per event. Culinary Team will be $125 for regionals. State Culinary Team fee will be $55 per team. For chapters competing in Culinary CDE’s as well as the other CDE’s there are two sites to register. All CDE registrations will close at the end of business on December 15.

The Career Development Committee decided to suspend Straight to State events this year. All registered CDE’s must be evaluated at their specific regional location. The top ten competitors in each level in each event that score a 75 or above will become State Qualifiers. State qualifiers will be announced no more than 10 business days after the last regional event.
Achievement Awards Information
This year State Degree and Outstanding Chapter registration will move to March 1 and will have a special link titled Achievement Awards. Registration will open February 1 and close March 1. There is no charge to chapters for either of these events.

Power of One registration will remain the same as in the past with advisers identifying recipients in the FCCLA portal. This year the Five Unit Recognition Application for each recipient must be uploaded into the portal. Deadline for submission is March 1.
Career Development Events
Family and Consumer Sciences education programs expand across four additional career fields while giving students experiences beyond the classroom. Every ray provides:
  • A benefit to students.
  • The classroom is the hands-on experiential learning of the content.
  • FCCLA is the leadership, professional skills and personal growth portion.
  • Career fields is the authentic real world skills.
  • College and career ready, including academics, knowledge, technical expertise. And a set of general, cross-cutting abilities called employability skills.

Through participation in Career Development Events, FCCLA members gain employable skills and industry insight needed to thrive in the 21st Century. Members may choose from 50+ Competitive Events which apply skills and knowledge gained through Family and Consumer Sciences (FCS) education.

Career Development Events set members up for career success as members explore Career Pathways and address important personal, work, and societal issues through competing on the region/district, state, and national level.
Career Development Events categories (when used) are based on grade level and not on type of FCCLA membership. If a member of a team, the student will compete at the highest level of the teams’ members. Some events will still have FCS course requirements or other eligibility criteria. (see Career Development Event Chart) The Career Development Event levels are:

Level 1 - Members through grade 8
Level 2 - Members in grades 9 and 10
Level 3 - Members in grades 11 and 12

When reviewing Career Development Events with your members please use the OhioFCCLA website under Career Development Events as a guide.  
Adviser Expectations with Career Development Events
Importance of Chapter Advisers serving as judges for regional, state and national CDEs. Chapter advisers are subject matter experts in both Family and Consumer Sciences, Hospitality and Tourism, Education and Training and FCCLA. As subject matter experts, they serve an important role in providing essential information about FCCLA, Family and Consumer Sciences, Hospitality and Tourism, Education and Training curriculum, and Career-Technical Education to both members and other adult volunteers. Without chapter advisers serving as event volunteers, evaluation teams may lack critical context and subject matter information that could negatively impact final scoring.
Black Skirts for Sale
Ohio FCCLA has three black, lined skirts from Twin Hill for sale. Each retails for $35.00 but will sell for $25.00 each, sizes are Regular 6, Regular 14 and Womans 18. If you are interested in purchasing these skirts contact Mary Jo Kohl at
FIDM - Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising Educator Resources - Just for Educators
You will find focused, free education resources here including Classroom Activities, Games that Teach, Presentations, and our Educator Spotlight. Classroom activities are designed to supplement curriculum and enhance the learning process. Each activity consists of an objective, project guidelines, preparatory and follow-up exercises, and suggested materials. State and national standards are included as well.

This resource is for both educators and students. You will find additional scholarship opportunities in addition to tips, trends, blogs and DIY inspiration, perfect for both the classroom and club experience. A fashion sketch tutorial is available under the Sketch Class link below.

FCCLA @ the Table
  FCCLA @ the Table invites you to take part in the 6th annual Family & Consumer Sciences (FCS) Day , “Dining In” for Healthy Families day .
  FCS Day takes place on and during the week of December 3, the birthday of AAFCS founder Ellen Swallow Richards.
 Some ideas for your chapter to participate:
  • Host a FCCLA family dinner after school
  • Make and sell pre-made meal-kits to local families
  • Practice family dinner conversations
  • Encourage everyone to share their family dinner photos on social media
  • Share statistics about the importance of family meals
  We encourage FCCLA members to take part on December 3rd.
Test Blueprints are Available
Additional testing blueprints are now available for most tests at the WebXam About the Tests page. Prior to 2015-16, a different method was used whereas starting that year test blueprints were reviewed by the subject matter experts at the beginning of the item-writing process and were used to determine the percentage of items written to each outcome. In both cases, however, the blueprints reflect the structure of the item bank at the strand-outcome level. Percentages on the blueprints are approximate, and do not reflect the exact percentage of items from each standard that are on the test. Blueprints are important because they allow teachers to build classroom outlines knowing the distribution of the test items to the outcomes. The WebXam support team is working on a new version of this tool and will inform the field when it is available.
Monday, February 10
What’s Your FCCLA Story?
Kick off FCCLA Week by sharing with your classmates why and how you have built your leadership story through FCCLA.
Tuesday, February 11
Your Future Career Story
Show others how FCCLA Career Pathways have prepared you for your future! Develop a personal dream/goal board and share how FCCLA has helped you by giving you a strong foundation for your future career.

Wednesday, February 12
FCS Educators Inspiring Stories

Take part in Family and Consumer Sciences (FCS) Educator Day and share the stories of FCS educators who have inspired you.

Thursday, February 13
Celebrate Your Family’s Story
Take time to show your appreciation for your family. Share the story of how your family has supported you in your FCCLA leadership journey.

Friday, February 14
Leaders in Red
Showcase your FCCLA spirit by rocking the red. Red out and decorate your day with red clothing, signs, food, and decorations.
#FCCLARocksRed Join FCCLA in celebrating FCCLA Week, February 10-14, 2020 and share “Your Story!”
To Ohio Educators
If you teach students age 15 ½ and older, we ask that you please consider sharing the information below on a teen driver survey with them.Help us make Ohio roads safer! Researchers at Ohio State University are collecting information about Ohio drivers ages 15 ½ - 24 and their use of media and driving opinions and behaviors. These results will be compiled in a report for the Ohio Department of Public Safety who will share the results with Ohio Governor Mike DeWine and our state legislators to help us tailor future public safety campaigns.

To participate or give consent for your children under 18 to participate, go to

If you have questions, you can contact Brittany Shoots-Reinhard at or 614-440-6258.
2020 Educators Rising Ohio State Conference
February 27 & 28, 2020 at Capital University

  • Theme: Building Futures
  • Keynote Speaker: Mr. Jonathan Juravich, 2018 Ohio Teacher of the Year
  • Conference Registration – open now, register here by January 17, 2020
  • Member Fee: $50.00 per person
  • Non-Member Fee: $55.00 per person
  • Friday Only Fee: $40.00 per person
  • Breakout Session Proposals due January 17, 2020: Click here
  • General conference information: Click here
Save the Date
January 23 - Cleveland Cavaliers
April 20 - Food, Beverage and Labor Cost Management Summit
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