There is always so much happening around Home of Hope!
This month, HOH Director, Brian Thomson, is leading a team to Kenya & Rwanda and also going into Burundi. He and his team will be training HOH staff, delivering Christmas gifts to sponsor children and getting lots of pictures & videos. Also, Dan Wiebe (Olds, AB) is leading a building team to Kenya & Rwanda - training dozens of HOH teens of a trade.

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PRESENT NEED: Severe Famine in Malawi
The famine situation in Malawi has gone from serious to deadly.

For instance, it has been 3.5 years since Malawi has been able to grow their staple food, corn. 
People are dying of starvation every day and are putting themselves in dangerous situations to get a scrap of food.

Partner with us for this immediate need to feed starving children.
For Rwanda & Kenya, all physical gifts should be in by Nov 10, 2016. Or you can give $25 for an outfit & shoes by Dec 15, 2016
For India, all monetary gifts should be given by Dec 15, 2016.

Check out the page on our website or give us a call 403-343-6570 ext 6.
Changes with Home of Hope
HOH Operations Manager, Karissa giving out Christmas gifts in Kenya
1. Since Home of Hope started 9 years ago we have worked hard to maintain our $40/month sponsorship, but with inflation and the bad Canadian dollar, we are asking sponsors to consider increasing their monthly support from $40 to $50 per child. 
If that is something you would like to do, please let Hillary in our office know! *This is not a mandatory increase.

2. Karissa, HOH Operations Manager, is going on maternity leave starting February 2017! We are raising money to help her with her maternity leave. If you would like to give a gift towards this, please let us know.
Helpful Tips:
With the low Canadian economy, some of our sponsors are going through tough times financially. Here are a few good tips to try before cancelling your sponsorship:
#1  Work as a family for your monthly sponsorship! Get creative to raise the funds for 1 month or even 12 months of sponsorship.
#2  Consider asking close friends if they would like to sponsor the child half/half with you.
#3  Do something you love and sell it to your family, friends and neighbours (crafts, baking, knitting, word work, etc)
#4  "Give up a luxury" to provide for the child (one coffee a day, pop at restaurant, snack food, eating at restaurants)
#5  Look around your house - what could you sell? Christmas is a great time to sell items.

Do you have any suggestions or creative ideas to add to this list to encourage other sponsors?
There are lots of upcoming teams going to Rwanda, Kenya, Malawi and India.
If you are interested in joining a trip in the next 2 years,  click here to learn more & apply!
Thank you for your support! We couldn't do what we do without our amazing sponsors!

Please forward this email or tell someone about Home of Hope this month and help us spread the word.

~The Home of Hope Team