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November 15, 2017

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Airplane with lei
A United 747 adorned with a lei after its final flight. Photo by Nancy Branka
Sometimes even a big multi-national corporation gets inspired to make some fanciful beauty as a way of celebrating many years with a product that they have to say good-bye to. 

In July 1970 United Airlines flew its first 747 from San Franciso to Honolulu. This iconic plane was instantly recognizable for its "bubble" top. Pilots loved flying the 747 and passengers loved sitting in it, especially those lucky enough to occupy the upper deck. 

Now the 747 is being retired. On October 29 of this year, a United 747 made its last commercial flight from Seoul to San Francisco. A few days later, United crew members and special guests made a special flight back to Honolulu. The crew admitted to being a little choked up as the plane taxied down the runway and took to the air. As they passed over the Golden Gate Bridge, the pilot tipped the wings as a final good-bye.

And in Honolulu, the plane was adorned with a lei as a final gesture of gratitude and "aloha.

Whenever and wherever the heart feels affection and loss, there is an opportunity to make some beauty!
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