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Save up to 50%
Touch Monitors 
Standalone Permanently Antimicrobial Glass for Your Monitor
Fanless AMD Ryzen Computer Motherboard or PC of
Small Size
Only Two Cables In-Between! Small LCDs with Built-In HDMI Input
Save up to 50% on Touch Monitors 
Limited time offer! Save up to 50% on projected capacitive touch monitors from Impact comparable to 22", 24", 27", and 32" sizes from a leading brand! Based on Impact's drop-in replacements for popular ELO models with PCAP touch screens 2294L aka ELO p/n E330620 (21.5”), 2494L aka ELO p/n E146641, 2794L aka p/n E707022 (27.0”), and 3243L aka ELO p/n E304029.

Other PCAP touch monitors equivalent to ELO models in sizes up to 43" are available upon request. Please inquire with Impact for pricing and lead time:
Standalone Permanently Antimicrobial Glass for Your Monitor
Aside from optional antimicrobial coating permanently applied on the touch screen surface of new monitors, Impact offers standalone permanently antimicrobial glass, which can be easily laminated by a client’s own means to their existing monitor touch screens already in the field.

This video shows Impact’s Antimicrobial Protective glass screen can be pasted over the viewable area of an existing touch screen surface with no visible air bubbles and it can be reapplied if necessary. Chemically strengthened and 1.1mm thick, Impact’s Antimicrobial Protective glass screen is available for sizes 7” to 50” for your easy lamination.
The standalone antimicrobial screens have the same antimicrobial efficacy as the solution permanently applied on new monitors from Impact (see HOW IT WORKS) with these test results* certified to standards ISO 27447:2019 and ISO 22196: 2011:
Note*: Also available from Impact upon request - certified test results for 99.44% efficacy of against Infectious Bronchitis Virus (IBV) a.k.a. chicken coronavirus, which has a mechanism similar to Covid-19. Our company or its business partners have not conducted efficacy tests against Covid-19.
Fanless (!) AMD Ryzen Computer Motherboard / PC of Small Size
Introducing a Small Mini-ITX Board with Optional PC Integration
Featuring 4 full size display ports, LVDS and eDP connectors (embedded display port), 2 LANs, 7 USBs, 4 COM ports, GPIO, optional WiFi/Bluetooth, optional computer chassis. Also features AMD Radeon™ Vega GPU, up to 32GB RAM, HD Audio, flexible DC-in (any 8V to 36V !!), industrial operating temp -10C to +70C, storage temp -25C to +70C.
Only Two Cables In-Between! Small LCDs with Built-In HDMI Input
★ Industrial design and life cycle

★ Signal input for display: HDMI

★ Signal input for touch: Micro USB

★ Plug & Play on Win7/Win8/Win10

★ Supports Android/Linux/Raspb Pi

★ LCD interface support: RGB, LVDS, eDP

★ Resolution: 800x480 to 1920x1080

★ Supports 3.5mm Audio output
Pictured on the right is the view behind the LCD.

That's right, only two cables in-between! Impact's low power kit with a 7” display + touch screen + small 5.5”x5.8”x~1" fanless single board computer (with Intel Celeron J4005 DualCore @2.7GHz processor of only 10W TDP, 4GB RAM, 240GB SSD). The display is connected to the computer system only with a standard HDMI cable and the touchscreen with a USB cable. All powered via a single input of flexible range between 8V to 24V with only 8V possible. (The power is then supplied to the display via the USB cable mentioned above.)

The 7” boasts 1024x600 resolution and projected capacitive touch screen. The optional mini-computer system is with integrated Intel® UHD Graphics 600 (12EUs @700MHz), 2 Display Ports, 7 USBs, 2 LANs, TPM security module, Linux Operating System (or use with your Windows 10 Pro or IoT), motherboard D3544-S1's MTBF is 27.5 years at 45C, -40C to +70C operating, cold start tested and possible at -40C, see motherboard specs HERE Optional WiFi/Bluetooth, upon request!

HDMI input displays are also available in 5", 8", 10.1", 11.6", and 15.6" display sizes.