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Center Stage... 


Julie Hoverson is a multi-talented     

artistic overachiever. Currently writing, producing, and often starring in the audio drama podcast series 19 Nocturne Boulevard, Julie has, over past years, racked up an impressive range of skills, from costuming to sketching, from writing for role playing games to jewelry and bead work design, and from stage-fighting to belly-dancing.


Her range of voice acting, though, is her current focus.


Julie Hoverson_Dark Elf_Voice Over Talent
The Glare of Dark Elf
  "Diversity" is the key phrase

   to describe what Julie

   excels at--playing both male

   and female characters of

   various ages and many

   nationalities, she is never

   the same person twice.

   Julie also produces a blog

   discussing various topics

on writing, acting, and  producing audio dramas, as well as a variety of sub- series that pop up regularly in her feed.


The award-winning skills of this artist will be portrayed as the

voice of FTNHM's character "The Old Woman." -- Coming

soon is a video series to share the story of Velva's road to

fandom and the vision for Fans: The New Hollywood Moguls. 


 Message from the team...
Kaz Patton
 People, at their very heart, seek those
 like themselves. Family and friends were  once our strongest ties to the universe,
 past and future -- but over the years we  began to forget and we grew distant. As  children grow, they are taught to be  'independent' and 'self-reliant' in order to  succeed in life. But even as we learn these  things we discover within ourselves what  brings us joy and we cannot help but to  bask, although usually in silence, when we  hear of someone else finding that same bit  of happiness from a story well-told.

 At one point, fans could only find each other through  magazines and newsgroups. Now things are much different.  As the internet has grown, so too has the network of fans  reaching out to one another, telling each other their joys and  displeasures of both their favorite movies, books or television  series but also what is going on in their personal lives. They've  relearned to make connections as they once did, but now...  now the world is much smaller and families are created from  all corners of the globe. Politics, race, gender have no place in  this brave world that has risen around fans.


Fan Fare...  
Reynaud LeBoeuf_smaller image 2   

Reynaud LeBoeuf has enjoyed fandom and creativity ever since he could remember. From a young age he wrote short stories, watched Doctor Who, and played a slough of RPGs with friends. D&D (several versions), Gamma Worlds, Call of Cthulhu... the list went on. Japanese anime, Star Wars, Star Trek and a host of other shows and movies helped hook him into a love of creativity that hasn't stopped.


Working in Children's Theater, Gilbert and Sullivan musicals, short films and full-length movies, every part of the creative process is a gem. He has written and had a novel published, worked set design and construction for shows like The Shunned House and the Korean folktale: Portraits, and acted in full-length features like Through a Dark Wood.  He has been a medic on a number of productions, and even used a certification in massage therapy to help stressed actors and aching stunt professionals.


From stage crew to sound tech, video, film, and voice-work for podcasts and old-time radio shows, it has all been about giving people something to enjoy. And, of course, storytelling and creativity.


Reynard is also the voice of "My Friend" in our upcoming  video of "36 Panels" -- coming soon... 


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is an award winning television production company.

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