mind. blown.   
Think you can dodge a speeding bullet or whip a tablecloth off a table without disturbing a dish? Be among the first to find out when a fun new exhibition opens at the Fleet on Saturday, February 24. MythBusters: The Explosive Exhibition allows visitors to participate in experiments that will debunk--or confirm--your favorite popular theories.
Generously sponsored in part by  The Kenneth T. and Eileen L. Norris Foundation, Solar Turbines, and The City of San Diego.
©2018 DCL. MythBusters: The Explosive Exhibition is organized by EDG, GMC+A, Discovery and MSI, Chicago. MythBusters Developed and Produced by Beyond Entertainment Limited.

Pardon our dust here at the Fleet this month; there's a lot of changes happening in February. The popular Don't Try This at Home! live science show is performing its swan song--come in and see it before it's gone! Our Tinkering Studio is becoming Studio X and will have some awesome new updates you won't want to miss. And perhaps most exciting of all, one of our most popular exhibitions is back and better than ever! Taping Shape 2.0 uses hundreds of rolls of packing tape to create crazy spaces and explore all kinds of sticky situations. Wear your most colorful socks, because this exhibit is shoes-off and hands-on!

Be prepared--for fun!    

Grab your pillow and your jammies and join Girl Scouts and leaders from San Diego and Orange County for some sleepover fun at the Fleet Science Center. Your all-night pass to the Fleet comes with some super fun activities and access to exciting new exhibits. Sign up now before it's lights out!
leaning tower of pasta

Kids in grades 5-8 can have a fine settimana at the Fleet and use their noodles to solve new challenges and dive into hands-on activities in our Weekend Science Clubs. Join us on February 10 and 11 for a buongiorno!
roll call: Spring break   

Registration begins February 1 for spring break camps that run March 26-30. This year, the Fleet is offering STEAM-themed camps, and we've partnered with ThoughtSTEM to provide Minecraft Modeling Spring Camps with a Marvel comics theme. New adventures await--don't miss out!
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