We've Made a Huge Impact Thanks to You
Dear Wellesley Community Member,

We have some fantastic news to share!

With the conclusion of the pilot phase of Wellesley's viral testing program, we are brought to reflect on the most fundamental goals of this initiative – goals that extend beyond the bounds of our Wellesley community, and that inspire a greater purpose.

From the onset of this undertaking, it has been our belief that Wellesley bears a civic responsibility to lead the charge in pioneering a testing program, and to further advocate for funding to deliver equivalent programs in some of the hardest hit communities in Massachusetts, so that their children may safely return to school.

Working in collaboration with diverse communities across the state, our ultimate objective was to develop a framework for SARS-CoV-2 testing in all public schools, and to create a call to action for universal access to testing. Our hope was that a successful program in Wellesley could pave the way for better, more cost-effective testing and safe school openings across the nation.

We are thrilled to report that, thanks in large part to the collective efforts of the Safer Teachers, Safer Students: Back-to-School Testing Collaborative, the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education has now announced the introduction of weekly pooled testing for all K-12 public schools in the state.

This is a truly amazing development, and we are humbled by the realization of what was once only an aspirational vision.

Thank you to all those who contributed to the success of our program. Please know that your support has had an impact far beyond Wellesley – it has helped to make a difference for every public-school family in Massachusetts.

In closing, we are excited to share our Program Summary Report, which provides an overview of the program's background, objectives, and outcomes. It has been our honor to be a partner to WPS in this monumental endeavor.

Liz Larsen and Jenn Fallon
Wellesley Education Foundation
What Does This Mean For Wellesley's Program?
Based on the success of the pilot program, WPS is continuing weekly testing in 2021. Funds are currently in place to fulfill testing needs up until April break, through a combination of WEF and WPS budget resources. As details for the state offering continue to emerge, WPS will be able to evaluate whether this offering has potential to impact budget or other testing program considerations.
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