April 5, 2019
Fantastic work by attorney volunteers
Heather Fann with her client
Heather Fann (5 Points Law) and Emily McClendon (5 Points Law) helped reunite a mother with her child that she had not seen or talked to for 75 days. The paternal grandparents had taken the child during a scheduled visit and then refused to return her. The mother missed her daughter’s first Christmas. Heather and Emily spent over 20 hours working with the mother to help her get her child back.
John Scott and his client
John Scott (Starnes) helped his client successfully complete Turning Point. The client came to Project Homeless Connect in February and appeared before Judge Sparks. Judge Sparks challenged the client to complete over 40 hours of community service in order to satisfy his old fines. The client was able to complete all of his community service, get his driver’s license back, and is now working as a barber.
Joe Bulgarella and his client
Joe Bulgarella helped his client successfully complete Turning Point. The mother of three had a lot of old fines that she was unable to pay. Judge Sparks knew that her time would be better spent with her children than working overtime to pay off the fines. He gave her several projects along the way, including her final project of creating a scrapbook of a family fun day out. “Judge Sparks gives you tough love, but it’s my life and I have to take responsibility,” said the client. The client was able to clear up all of her fines and develop a stronger relationship with her family through Turning Point.
Thank you Help Desk volunteers
Bert Amason at the Civil Help Desk

Bert Amason (Balch)
McKinley Dunn (Hand Arendall)
VJ Graffeo
Karen Puccio (Hare Wynn)
Lacy Triplett (Bressler)
Sarah Yates (Bressler)
Will Davis with his Turning Point client

Clayton Bromberg (Starnes)
Joe Bulgarella (United States Bankruptcy Court)
Will Davis (Starnes)
Glenn Mazer (Mazer Law Firm)
John Scott (Starnes)
Honora Gathings at the Domestic Relations Help Desk

Bob Dow (Maynard)
Honora Gathings (Gathing Law)
Wakisha Hazzard (Hazzard Law)
Priscilla Kelley
Susan McAlister
John Milledge
Kathryn Thompkins (Burns Brashier & Johnson)
Lacy Triplett (Bressler)
Emily Vande Lune (Bressler)
Scott Sloss and Keith Violante at the Veterans Help Desk

Preston Martin (Bressler)
Matt Swerdlin
Keith Violante (Wettermark Keith)
Walter Williams (UAHSF)

Scott Sloss (Cumberland School of Law)
New month, new volunteer opportunities
Wakisha Hazzard volunteering at a Help Desk
VLB has a few open spots for volunteers next week. Please click here to volunteer for:
  • Civil (4/8, 4/11)
  • Domestic Relations (4/10)
  • Veterans (4/10)
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