Football field
A New Year - A Different Season

As both players and owners work their way down a road where games can be played safely, Fantasy Football Leagues are recognizing the past season's Champions and completely roasting the losers.

We want to thank you all for allowing us to share in your league's moments of victories, laugh at the amazingly creative ways to troll those at the bottom and share some of the creative league and team names around...and keep count of just how many teams are named "Show me your TD's."

No matter whether your Ditka Ertz, your Krotch Goblins have run amok or the Beerded Rush-Ins tank their season, we just want to thank you for letting us be a small part of your season.
This past year, we took your words to heart and went BIGGER!  Our 12" Silver Championship now has a 16" Big Brother and our Monster Shield, Baseball and basketball trophies have been supersized to 9.5" each.
We also gave a big brother to our Monster Football Player!  The new 9.5" muscled up big guy is a perfect compliment to the original!  Great for Father / Son teams...and then they can battle for the larger trophy!

(Winning or Losing) 
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