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November 2020
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Soothing a Stressed-out Body
Our stress, fear, anger, and trauma are held deep within the tissues and muscles of our bodies. Learning to self-soothe and settle our bodies, and release the tightness in our bodies, is key to reducing our stress and improving our health, resilience, and relationships.
Self-Care - Do More, Not Less in, Hard Times
"When your life is particularly stressful or uncomfortable, you will be tempted to abandon your [self-care] routine. Don’t. Do just the opposite . . . "
Resmaa Menakem, author of My Grandmother's Hands
Managing COVID Anxiety
If you are feeling anxious about the Coronavirus, thank your body for alerting you that there is something to be concerned about. It is doing what it is supposed to do.
"If you want to have a full and happy life, in good times and in bad, you have to get used to the idea that facing misfortune squarely is better than trying to escape from it."
~ Norman Fischer
Ten Things Teens Need You to Know
Far West counselors who are currently working with teens provide some insight into the challenges that teens are experiencing right now. We thought this would be good for parents and teachers to know.
You Can Do This Hard Thing!
Increasing your resilience
What can you do when you are between a rock and a hard place? Put on your rock climbing shoes, attach your harness, grab a rope, and start climbing! You can do this!
Helping Kids Succeed
Kids are also responding to this invisible threat known as COVID-19. When they are stressed, anxious, and fearful, children will have a harder time focusing on schoolwork. These are anxious times and the kids are picking up on that and holding it in their bodies. They are impacted by the experience of online school, mask-wearing, and the conversations and emotions of the adults around them.
"Rather than relying on a thin, idealized hope that we will all
one day just get along, we can approach conflict resolution
as an art form that we are privileged to develop and hone."
~ Diane Musho Hamilton
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