Farewell To House with a Heart's  Senior Statesman

It is with a very heavy heart that we must tell you that our sweet boy Freddy crossed the Bridge today.  His beloved Rich, Wendy and I were with him at the emergency hospital where he'd spent the past several days in an effort to keep him hydrated and nourished until he would eat and drink on his own.


Unfortunately, it was not meant to be.  Although Freddy's mouth was healing from the major dental surgery he underwent last Monday, we discovered that he suffered from undiagnosed gastrointestinal issues that were probably exacerbated by the added stress that had been put on his little body.  In addition, his heart condition had taken a turn for the worse.


When we visited Freddy today the mischievous spark had left his eyes.  He looked so tired and seemed to be telling us that it was time for him to say goodbye.  But no matter how much it breaks our hearts to lose one of our precious residents, we always have to do what is best for them.  To do otherwise would be selfish.


So with Rich holding him and Wendy and me by his side, Freddy very peacefully left us to join sixty-nine former residents who were waiting to greet him.  If tears could have healed our boy, he would be well and at home right now.


Thank you, Mama Sher, for the wonderful Sanctuary you have created and the special opportunity you have given all of us to be a part of this loving venture.


Rest easy, Freddy, you will always be in our hearts.


Your Mama Harriette