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May 2017 Newsletter

CCFICanadian Centre for Food Integrity Transition

Farm & Food Care Saskatchewan (FFC SK) has always worked closely with our partners Farm & Food Care Ontario (FFC ON) and Farm & Food Care Canada (FFC Canada). Recently, FFC Canada adopted a separate division called the Canadian Centre for Food Integrity (CCFI). The main purpose of CCFI is to gather consumer intelligence around what Canadian's views, perceptions and purchasing habits are relating to food and their opinions of farming. Due to the evolution of duties in FFC Canada, they have transitioned to CCFI. The focus of CCFI will be on consumer intelligence, while the Farm & Food Care groups (Saskatchewan and Ontario) will focus on consumer outreach.

For more information please contact:
Clinton Monchuk
Executive Director
Farm & Food Care Saskatchewan
1 (306) 477-FOOD (3663)
Register now for the CCFI Public Trust Summit:
"Tackling Transparency - the truth about trust."
September 18 - 20 in Calgary, Alberta

Program highlights include the release of the 2017 public trust in food and farming research
and a live millennial consumer panel.

"Champion" - a person, or persons, who work to promote Saskatchewan agriculture and help farmers build public trust.

The "Food & Farming Champion" Award is presented to an individual who has taken the initiative to help engage or educate consumers about agriculture in our province. Nominees have used their skills to help inform consumers or correct misinformation about production practices, and done a measurable job of promoting our industry. The selection committee will choose a winner from the nominations and the award recipient will be honoured at the Annual Conference each year.  

Join us July 11 - 16
on the banks of the
South Saskatchewan River
for Saskatoon's biggest
food festival! 
The Chef's Series returns for its third year at Taste of Saskatchewan. This black box style culinary competition features some of our provinces best chefs as they battle for the title of  Top Chef Saskatchewan. 

We are looking for farmers and ranchers to volunteer
on Saturday July 15 as we feature a Meet a Farmer opportunity, held during the Chef's Series. 

We will have activities and engagement stations set up to give non-farming consumers an opportunity to ask questions and engage in conversations with the people who grow their food.

If you are interested, please contact us at:

1 (306) 477-FOOD (3663)

Registration open for Farms at the Table Conference
December 13-14, 2017

Registration is now open for the Farms at the Table Conference. We are hard at work building an exciting and inspirational lineup of speakers for you and more details are to come.

Early Bird registration ends December 4th.

For unique sponsorship opportunities ,  contact our  office

For highlights from last year's conference check out the news release on our website !

Michele Payn coming to 
Farms at the Table
"Food Truths from Farm to Table"
"Food and Nutrition Trends in Today's Marketplace"

FFCEVENTSHere's an Update on Recent FFC SK Events
Farm Tour Training Workshop
Sponsored by: Farm & Food Care Ontario,
CropLife Canada and NewLife Mills 

We had a great turnout at this inaugural training session that provided interested producers with more information on hosting consumer tours of their farming operations. 

If you were unable to join us and would like some more information, f ind a copy of the 
How to Run a Farm Tour Brochure here!
Interview Preparation Training
Another successful workshop, the Interview Preparation Training uses mock interviews and media scrums to prepare participants for real world scenarios involving hot button topics and the media!

Twitter 101 Webinar
If you were unable to join us for the
Starting on Social Media: Twitter 101
webinar March 22 you can find it at
or view
 it on YouTube.

 The next social media webinar will occur in late June. Stay tuned for more details!
Farm Tour helped Saskatchewan dietitians learn more about how food is produced.
On May 8th, 25 Registered Dietitians attended our farm tour in the Saskatoon area sponsored by Dairy Farmers of Canada, Canadian Lentils and CropLife Canada.

Our group toured the state-of-the-art ILTA Grain facility west of Saskatoon for a look into the processing and shipping of Saskatchewan lentils around the world. They also got a pre-production view of pulse breeding technologies at the University of Saskatchewan Greenhouses and enjoyed a delicious lunch at Marquis Hall on campus. The last stop was an exciting afternoon at Elkrest Dairy Farms by Osler to watch the content cows on the carousel in the milking parlour and witness a feeding of the calves in their ultramodern calf barn. 

The attendees had many educated questions for the tour hosts, sponsors and farmers that joined us throughout the day and were eager to take the answers back to their clients.

Thank you to our sponsors who made this day a success!

Featured Article
Trust: The New Point of Differentiation
John F. T. Scott,  Perspectives on Grocery Retail

John F.T. Scott is an economist who speaks, writes and consults on the food distribution industry. He is the author of "Perspectives on the Retail Food Industry," and is a member of the Board of Directors of the Canadian Agri-Food Policy Institute

Its no secret that survival in the arena of grocery retailing depends on the degree to which one can differentiate their store(s) from competitors by appealing to the consumer in a unique manner. We are all familiar with discount stores, speciality produce or meat offerings, health food or natural and organic retail outlets. Some are able to capture the interest of the consumer to a greater extent than others while a few, such as Costco, have a unique formula which has truly stood out. These points of differentiation have been built on product or service formats designed to capture the interest of the consumer.

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